‘Black Knight’ Ryu Seok, Explained: Will He Return In Season 2?

There are numerous examples from modern times where business owners, who frequently strive to campaign just for policies or legislation that benefit their own interests, dictate to the government in a capitalistic system. Though politicians and businesspeople frequently collaborate, in Black Knight, the Cheonmyeong gang held more sway than the government itself. They possessed the license to distribute necessities like oxygen and even the complete delivery infrastructure because they had purchased the ministers. The President of Korea had no problems accepting the responsibilities that came with her position since she was confident in Chairman Ryu’s character.

Chairman Ryu and a colleague had designed the entire core district, and while he could not be described as a communist, he was not averse to the notion of shifting the refugees to the general district. However, in contrast to him, his son hated the migrants and, given the chance, would have burned them alive. There was no particular reason he despised them, and they had done him no wrong. He was one of the classists who believed they were unfit to live, and he was constantly complaining to his assistant, Mr. Oh, about how they were wasting the money that could have been used to further their cause. Ryu Seok’s attitude was similar to that of the affluent resident of a nice neighborhood who not only has a condescending disposition but also has a strong loathing for the underprivileged and views them as abominations as if it were their fault that they were born into such appalling conditions. In addition to encouraging corruption, Ryu Seok was constantly working to restructure the administration and get it closer to a dictatorship. While Ryu Seok had a few dependable allies, one significant issue that he knew he would have to address soon was the fact that his own father did not share his extreme ideals.

Warning: Spoilers

Why Did Ryu Seok Hold The Delivery Man Tournament?

The delivery man tournament served two purposes: first, it served to divert attention from pressing issues; and second, it provided Ryu Seok with the chance to commit genocide and eliminate the majority of the refugees all at once. The entire country became fixated on the competition because of the excitement that Ryu Seok generated. The match was then screened in public during the finals, and he anticipated a large audience attending. All those innocent migrants who had gone to the screening centers to have fun killed there immediately after So-wal delivered the final blow to win the match.

But Ryu Seok was still not done; he wanted to make sure that the remaining populace was wiped out as well. In order to relocate the refugees to the general area and allow them to take advantage of certain benefits that they would otherwise be denied, Ryu Seok came up with a scheme. Before entering the general districts, the refugees were given immunization shots, but as soon as the liquid was put into them, they began to lose consciousness and eventually passed out. It was discovered that the vaccination was intended to kill everyone who received it since it was contagious. Since the beginning, 5-8 had opposed Ryu Seok and his group, but when his flagrant abuse of authority grew and eventually became intolerable, 5-8 made the decision to declare open war on Ryu Seok in order to overthrow his tyranny and overthrow his empire.

Will Ryu Seok Return In Season 2?

Ryu Seok, the series’ major antagonist, was given an unidentified terminal medical diagnosis that nobody, not even his father, was aware of. To conduct experiments on young children and look for a treatment for his sickness, a different lab was opened. They began to lose faith that they would ever be able to find a cure because no matter how hard Ryu Seok’s team of doctors tried to find a solution, their experiments consistently failed. However, it wasn’t until then—during the delivery man competition—that Ryu Seok learned that So-wal was a mutant and likely the healthiest member of his kind. Everything about Ryu Seok was accurate, including his BMI and medical history, and something inside of him suggested that he might be the solution he had been seeking. Although it is not explicitly stated in Black Knight, we believe that the mutants couldn’t have been killed so easily by the conventional methods because their genetic changes meant that they recovered from injuries much more fast than a regular human would.

The medical staff administered So-wal’s blood to a patient who shared Ryu Seok’s disease and was almost on his deathbed. Ryu Seok was overjoyed because of the miracle outcomes and the knowledge that he would live. Before Ryu Seok could determine whether or not So-wal’s blood was helping him, 5-8 assaulted the core district, and Ryu Seok made the decision to set the area on fire. Ryu Seok intended to commit himself before blowing up the entire building to murder everyone else as well. However, 5-8 didn’t want to give him the joy of knowing he had killed himself and that no one had been able to identify him. Before he passed away, 5-8 wished to deflate Ryu Seok’s inflated ego and make him feel helpless and helpless. After shooting Ryu Seok, 5-8 and So-wal left the building. Finally, we noticed Ryu Seok’s hands moving, letting us know he was still alive. Even though there was a massive explosion right after, we think Ryu Seok will survive it as well and return in Black Knight’s second season, if there is one, to once more attempt to topple the government and manipulate the fates of all who live on the Korean peninsula.

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