‘Black Knight’ Season 2: What Can We Expect Next From Netflix K-Drama Series?

Black Knight season 1 didn’t end on a cliffhanger and most of the characters had happy endings, but there were so many things that were left out of the script that we believe that if there is a season 2, the creators will try their best to fill in the blanks and explain why the characters acted the way they did. Let’s examine what to anticipate from Black Knight season 2 (if there is one) and make some educated guesses about the characters’ futures.

Warning: Spoilers

Why Didn t The President Intervene Before?

President of Korea Chae Jin-Gyeong ought to have been the most powerful person on the peninsula, but Black Knight Season 1 gave the impression that she was constrained by the Cheonmyeong group and unable to act as she pleased. We couldn’t understand why she hadn’t brought up the resettlement of refugees earlier. Although we are aware that the Cheonmyeong Group was responsible for designing the entire structure and had to plan every detail, it nevertheless seemed as though the President had no objections to the refugees living outside the districts. It’s possible that the writers didn’t want for us to see her in that way, but a poor screenplay caused us to see that.

We would like to learn more about the most powerful person on the peninsula, as well as her views and convictions, in Black Knight season 2. We are interested in her proposed policies and her ability to maintain the socialist philosophy. We want to see what kind of leader the President is and whether she can take care of the entire populace now that Chairman Ryu and Ryu Seok aren’t in charge (at least temporarily). We could have disregarded it if it had been someone else, but because of her position, everyone would be curious in how she fit into the larger scheme and why she wasn’t in control of the situation. Many other characters in Black Knight Season 1 did the same thing, and we were unable to figure out their motivations until the very end. We hope that Season 2 closes the knowledge gaps introduced by Season 1 and connects the characters to their reasons, elucidating their roles and deeds.

Why Did 5-8 Save Refugees? Was His Family Killed By The Cheonmyeong Group?

It was revealed that 5-8 was a mythical character that was well-known throughout the Korean peninsula. The strange thing, though, was that we were never told what gave him that status—was it a historical incident, or was he simply stronger than the other deliverymen physically? According to what we understood, a lot of delivery workers endure daily danger. All of the delivery men fought bravely against the hunters, who attacked practically every cargo; for this reason, they were occasionally referred to as “Black Knights.” We were unable to comprehend the reasons behind 5-8’s idolatry and what set him apart from the rest. We anticipate that Season 2 will transport us back in time and give us a glimpse of 5-8’s childhood as a refugee child residing with his family. That would provide us a point of reference and help us to understand why he was the way he was. For some reason, 5-8 kept to himself a lot of the time and we hardly ever noticed him grinning or interacting with people.

We are tempted to think that some sort of tragedy may have occurred in his life based on the information that was given to us in season 1. Perhaps the Cheonmyeong organization murdered his parents and other family members, which is why he was searching for them. We also didn’t understand why Sa-wol was the subject of his favoritism or why he decided to mentor him. As was previously stated, he was idolized by hundreds of people, and we were puzzled as to why Sa-wol was given such particular care. Perhaps it was because 5-8 was aware of his mutant status and the crucial role he would play in overthrowing the Cheonmyeong dynasty. Perhaps he had sympathy for Sa-wol because he had discovered him asleep in Major Seol-ah’s home. Perhaps something similar had occurred in 5-8’s life; as a result, he could identify with Sa-Wol and comprehend what he was going through. However, we would need some definitive answers in Black Knight season 2 so that we aren’t left guessing about fundamental details of the characters’ lives that we ought to have known.

Will Ryu Seok Come Back?

In our opinion, Ryu-Seok will return in Black Knight Season 2 and is far from over. Despite the fact that season 1 never explicitly explained how mutants are created or what their special abilities are, we believe Ryu-Seok will survive because he became a mutant after ingesting Sa-wol’s blood. At the very end of Black Knight, we saw that he was still alive even after being shot dead by 5-8. Soon after that, there was an explosion, but we think he also survived that. This is where we want Season 2’s writers to fill in the blanks. We’re interested in finding out if the mutants were immortal, what made them vulnerable, what actually transpired in the mines, and how radioactive substances affected them so drastically.

If Ui Seok Cho made the decision to bring him back, it would be intriguing to watch how he would plot out his character development, as well as whether or not he is able to regain control of the situation or reverts to a commoner’s lifestyle while still retaining the desire for vengeance. Season 2 will also reveal whether the President appoints Ryu Seok as the Cheonmyeong Group’s CEO once more given that the organization still controls the bulk of the relevant factors or if she nominates a different individual.

We simply hope that Black Knight Season 2 makes up for the mishaps that occurred in Season 1, fills in the blanks that improve the storyline, and, at the risk of sounding repetitious, gives the characters a reason for acting the way they do so that their actions at least appear justifiable.

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