‘Citadel’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Was Nadia In Valencia With Rafi Gambir?

Every episode of Citadel presents a surprise that seeks to derail our presumptions and disprove all we thought we knew about a character.The senior management of Citadel was completely oblivious that anything of the type was going beneath their noses for a very long period, as revealed in the first four episodes, where Nadia Sinh was involved in a number of activities that may be characterized as seditious in nature. In contrast, Mason Kane had an unwavering affection for Nadia and was willing to stand by her even if he knew she might be taking part in activities that endangered their goal.

Warning: Spoilers

As we saw in Citadel Episode 4, Nadia had grabbed the Oz Key, and through Carter Spence, we learned that Mason was completely aware of this. He chose to remain silent because he knew that if he told his superiors, Nadia would be forced to deal with the consequences of defying the agency. Mason remained silent despite being aware of how deadly the Oz Key was. He also instructed Bernard and Grace to support Celeste’s memories while framing her in order to divert attention. Carter was aware that Mason was making a grave mistake and that, in a sense, he was aiding Manticore in outwitting them, but at the time, it was hard to convince Mason of his error. Mason didn’t know what was going on in the present because he couldn’t recall any specifics from the past. Nevertheless, he had a suspicion that Nadia had a sketchy past because he kept hearing from individuals that she had broken his trust and was partially to blame for Citadel’s collapse. These were serious claims, but Mason didn’t know where to look for the answers right now, so he had to hope that he would run across information that would let him know the truth about his and Nadia’s past.

What Had Nadia Done With The Oz Key?

Nine years before to the present chronology, in Athens, Mason proposed to Nadia. Nadia mistakenly believed that it was a component of their cover identity, so she was shocked to see that Mason truly wanted to move things along. Although she really love Mason, Nadia hadn’t anticipated things to get so out of hand so quickly. She was still not there. Celeste had been backstopped, and Mason, Bernard, and Grace were aware of everything, according to a communication Nadia received from an unidentified source. Nadia confronted Mason after feeling deceived, even though he was unaware that she knew the truth. He initially denied when she asked him if he was aware that Celetse had been backstopped. Mason told Nadia that he had created the entire cover story to protect her since he was aware that she had grabbed the Oz key as soon as he recognized there was no use in concealing it.

Mason never questioned Nadia about why she took the key or what her true motivations were because he was too afraid of the truth. Nadia explained to him that she had destroyed the key because she believed that something that might potentially wreak greater damage than a nuclear weapon shouldn’t exist. She hadn’t done anything and was actually being honest when she replied that she didn’t know where the keys were, so she begged Mason to instantly restore Celeste’s memory. Nadia was informed by Mason that her memories couldn’t be restored at this time because he had destroyed the entire system. That news surprised Nadia, and she felt let down by Mason. She pulled out the ring he had given her and fled the area after telling Mason that she couldn’t be with him for even a moment longer. A distraught Mason sat at the cafe, unsure of what to do to convince Nadia that whatever he had done was in her best interests.

Why Was Nadia In Valencia With Rafi Gambir?

Anders desired to meet Abby Conroy, a.k.a. Celeste, the love of his life, thus he wanted to assist Bernard. When Dahlia arrived on the scene and opened fire, killing Anders there and then, he was untying Bernard with the intention of assisting him in escaping. She demanded that Bernard reveal the nuclear weapon codes, warning him that she would kill his family if he refused. Bernard provided her with one set of codes, but there was a mistake in the code that was connected to a different biometric print that belonged to Mason Kane. When Dahlia learned where Kane’s family was living, she asked her men to apprehend them.

In the meantime, Carter revealed to Mason Kane in Citadel Episode 5 that Nadia had broken his trust, collaborated with a terrorist named Rafi Gambir, and hatched a scheme against the group. Carter had good cause to think that Nadia and Rafi were employed by Manticore, but the truth was far more complicated. Nadia, who was Rafi’s daughter, made the decision to travel to Valencia and give birth there after learning she was expecting Kane’s child. Nadia never had the chance to see her daughter again after having to abandon her once more to complete an assignment.

Carter, Mason, and Nadia were standing in a location named Barrage Bab Louta at the conclusion of Citadel Episode 5 when Dahlia’s men arrived and demanded access to the nuclear weapons from Kane. The revelation that Nadia had conveyed to Kane had left him still reeling. When he questioned Nadia about why she withheld the information from him, she replied that she didn’t believe he deserved to know at that time. Kane’s entire worldview and self-perception were utterly upended, leaving him unsure of how to feel or what to say. The only good to come out of Nadia’s admission was that she wasn’t to blame for Citadel’s demise and that her main motivation was to keep her daughter safe and prevent the world from experiencing another catastrophe. Carter’s assumptions were incorrect, but before he could fully understand why, he understood that another issue was looming over them and posing a threat to shatter the planet into pieces.

This episode of Citadel made it quite evident that Dahlia was a cunning character who was willing to do anything to achieve her goals. She had killed Anders, and thereafter, she had called Davik to inform him that Bernard had brutally murdered his brother. She aspired to astound her Manticore superiors and establish her merit as the company’s leader. Mason Kane’s family was being held by Dahlia, and her men made it crystal obvious to Mason that he had to comply with their demands if he wanted to see them alive. Carter, Nadia, and Kane remained motionless, unsure of what to do. We will learn in the upcoming episode how these Citadel agents who are still alive are able to deal with the situation and if they are able to defeat Dahlia, who made it abundantly clear that she would not stop until she had the means to bring the world to its knees and be in total control of the fates of the people of the world.

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