‘Class Of ’09’ Episode 2 Recap And Ending, Explained: What Was Mark Tupirik Planning To Do?

The second episode of Class of 09 aims to help you comprehend Tayo Michaels’s motivations, sensibility, and the events in his life that influenced his views and moulded his personality. Tayo Michaels is the director of the FBI. Accepting criticism is difficult, especially when it concerns something you are unable to influence or alter. Tayo Michaels had experienced a great deal, to the point where it appeared that he had lost faith in people, the legal system, and even the government. The Tayo Michaels we encountered in 2034 differed greatly from the one who had enrolled in the academy in 2009. Michaels invented artificial intelligence because he had lost faith in people’s ability to save the day and was aware that it would turn out to be the world’s savior. Some agents were unhappy with the way the agency was run, and they didn’t necessarily believe that any changes Michaels made would make everything better. Lennix, who had recently retired from the FBI, made the decision to enter politics. Lennix was a teacher at Quantico, and despite his best efforts for a while, he was unable to adapt to the new curriculum. The bureau they were familiar with no longer existed, he informed Ashley. Everything had been taken over by machines, and the agents were essentially command-and-control robots. Lennix claimed that if they had been in Quantico in 2034, their own batch would not have been able to achieve quality standards. Lennix was discouraged, which is possibly why he just desired to switch careers and enter politics.

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Was Michael Able To Qualify For The Fitness Test?

The torturous physical endurance test that was required as part of the curriculum at Quantico was difficult for Michaels to handle. The in-charge Gabriel had informed them that in order to become agents, they would need to pass the fitness test. Michaels was making a lot of effort to get faster every day because he had never been able to complete the distance in the allotted time and he was aware that if he didn’t perform well on the last day, he would be expelled from the academy. Michaels attempted to use the justification that he worked a desk job before to enrolling in the academy, but he soon understood that none of that would matter. To make matters worse, a man in their batch by the name of Simon made the remark that he would never be able to accomplish the goal in such a brief period of time. Michael was triggered by Simon’s patronizing manner when he spoke to him since it brought back terrifying memories from his youth.

He explained to Ashley how he and his family had experienced systemic racism later that day in Class of 2009 Episode 2. The youngest of the family, Michaels thought his brothers to be more than heroes and infallible. One day, as they were on their way to see a movie, a traffic cop stopped their automobile. The policeman began requesting the papers that Michael’s brothers had given him. He received the utmost obedience from them, yet he still slapped Michaels, seemingly relishing the expression of powerlessness that appeared on their faces as a result. Michaels came to understand something about the world when his brothers, who ordinarily wouldn’t let anyone touch their little sibling, stood there in silence. Michaels understood that if he wanted to live a respectable life free from any kind of fear, he would have to climb to the top of the food chain no matter what. It’s almost like we can look back on Michaels’ entire journey in retrospect and see how, brick by brick, he realized his dream whenever we flip to the year 2034 and find Michaels serving as the FBI director.

Most of the time, when we struggle against those who seek to oppress us, we end up looking and acting like them, and that’s what Michael’s supporters were afraid of. He was a good guy, but it seemed like he had lost some of his flexibility and had adopted a more commanding demeanor. He was unable to make the change he previously wished to see anywhere. Michaels informed his mentors that he had read the manual and that, in accordance with it, he should be qualified to seek for a retest after seven weeks when he failed the test. The mentors concurred, and Michaels began to push himself because he realized that this time, it was either do or die.

What Was Mark Tupirik Planning To Do?

Back in 2023, while Agent Nunez and Tayo Michaels were stationed in Billings, they went to speak with a dangerous man by the name of Mark Tupirik who was infamous for his anti-establishment views. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to suggest that he ran a sort of commune where everyone was willing to take or offer their life for him and that he absolutely owned the place. Although Mark was engaged in numerous illegal activities, the FBI had not yet discovered any proof of his culpability. Many agents had visited Michaels’ house before Michaels, but they never discovered anything. Nunez was a little uneasy because of the man’s reputation and the fact that they were entering the area without a valid warrant. Michaels believed that individuals frequently showed themselves in conversation, therefore he aimed to do precisely that. When the agents arrived at Tupirik’s castle, everything appeared to be in order, but there was a murky suspicion that he might be concealing something. Agent Nunez requested assistance from Tupirik’s wife, Jessa Mae, in order to find the restroom.

Jessa took Nunez inside the basement, which appeared to be a space where a covert operation was being planned, by taking advantage of the situation. All of the data regarding the different FBI agents had been gathered by Tupirik. Nunez didn’t understand what was going through his thoughts because he had done extensive research on each and every agent. As soon as the agents left the house, Jessa ran after them to deliver or tell Nunez something. When Tupurik’s men began firing, they immediately killed Jessa. Nunez was severely hurt as well, but Michaels managed to save her life. Prior to Michaels making the request for more help, Tupirik and his men had already fled the compound. Michaels returned to the basement once more in an effort to uncover any concrete proof that may reveal what they were up to. Tupirik was making preparations as though he were going to wage war on the FBI toward the end of Class of 2009 Episode 2. Tayo was aware that the encounter had bruised his ego, and he was now determined to kill every FBI agent stationed in Billings.

All members of the class of 2009 undoubtedly made mistakes while working for their respective organizations, and some of them may have regretted their inability to handle situations correctly. Michael, though, was not one of them. Nunez even questioned Michaels as to whether what they did was indeed essential and whether they had somehow brought disaster upon themselves. Michaels felt like he was prepared to topple Mark Tupirik’s empire because he was so confident that what they did was the appropriate course of action.

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