‘Doctor Cha’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Seo In Ho Reveal His Connection To Jeong Sook?

In India, a daily soap opera that is currently at the top of the ratings airs every day. Its name is Anupamaa, and we are confident that it served as a major inspiration for Doctor Cha.Anupamaa tells the tale of a housewife who, after learning that her husband has been cheating on her for a long time, begins to embrace her independence. Given that this idea has been presented on film before, we would have said that it is a lucky coincidence. However, when we watched In Ho and Roy Kim engaging in joint karaoke while intoxicated, we knew the scene had been inspired by a similar occurrence in Anupamaa, when Vanraj and Anuj (In Ho and Roy Kim’s counterparts) perform in precisely the same manner. We are not being critical.The stories of Anupama, Doctor Cha, and Sreemoyee from the Bengali television series Sree deserve to be shared as frequently as possible. Here is a thorough summary of Doctor Cha episode nine.

Warning: Spoilers

What Happened To Seung Hi?

Jeong Sook and Seung Hi both showed up at the restaurant in Doctor Cha Ep. 8. When Seung Hi saw Jeong Sook and In Ho with their children and their elders as a family, she lost the nerve to stop them. Seung Hi had undoubtedly come to disclose the truth since she had had enough of the whole double life thing. Seung Hi is overcome with sadness since this is what she has always desired: to be a part of a family that could just go out and about without continuously keeping each other secret. She can’t help but sob as she walks away from the situation because of what she wants but will probably never be able to have. A few days later, Kwak Ae Sim, In Ho’s mother, pays her a visit and begs her to let go of her son, and Seung Hi can’t help but cry. Eun Soo is a lovely young woman who must have had a decent upbringing, says Ae Sim, but Jeong Sook is her sole daughter-in-law, and she won’t let that family split up. Seung Hi is gradually coming to terms with the fact that clinging to In Ho will not ensure her a happy family, a reality she has been avoiding for so long. She may have skipped meals because of this, or the stress of it all may have been the cause of her severe stomach pains, which necessitated an ambulance to take her to the hospital. We can’t say for sure because we aren’t doctors. Eun Soo tries to call In Ho, but he is already traveling with the hospital staff and is unable to take her calls. It is retribution in a way because Seung Hi is left alone, exactly as Jeong Sook was during Doctor Cha Episode 1 while she was in the hospital. Seung Hi asks to travel somewhere else because she isn’t allowed to be admitted to her own hospital, possibly due to her wounded pride from that knowledge.

What Happens On The Volunteer Trip?

Back at the birthday meal, Jeong Sook is naturally reserved, but she strikes back in a hilarious moment when she crushes In Ho’s face into the cake as part of a long-standing birthday custom. Because they are attempting to make her happy, nobody can speak to her. The family begins to wonder if Jeong Sook is aware of the affair based on her overall demeanor, but she remains silent, which confuses them. Jeong Sook meets a lawyer in the interim to learn more about the divorce procedure. She tells her family she wants to move into the residents’ wards when she gets home. By merely bothering to inquire as to I Rang’s capacity and making it apparent that she will not be asking her husband or her mother-in-law for approval, Jeong Sook sets the bar high. Ae Sim remarks that it seems as though Jeong Sook won’t be returning when she departs.

Roy Kim has suggested that Jeong Sook and In Ho go on a medical volunteer trip with the hospital, and Jeong Sook has consented to do so. He was utterly terrified of anyone finding out about their relationship in all of the earlier episodes, but now he is okay with being a little close to Jeong Sook. She was offering Roy Kim a sample of a food to try, and he stepped in between them because he wanted to sit next to her on the bus and even approach her to be near throughout the journey. Of course, his growing reticence to acknowledge her feelings is heightened by his resentment of Roy Kim and Jeong Sook’s bond. In Ho felt a little vindicated because he had to deal with one of the most unpleasant aspects of his work with a patient and that experience left him feeling queasy from all the food ever since.

Does Seo In Ho Reveal His Connection To Jeong Sook?

Despite Jeong Sook’s constant knowledge of their activities and her strong disapproval of So Ra, So Ra and Jung Min are continuing their illicit relationship in secret. Jeong Sook has been silent to this point because she believes her own abilities are inadequate. Additionally, she lived a lifetime of gratitude for the bare necessities and a lack of self-respect. She might not put up with So Ra’s rudeness any longer, though, given that she doesn’t care any more. She is not meddling in her son’s relationship, though.

So Ra unintentionally watches the Jeong Sook’s birthday video on Jung Min’s phone as she and Jung Min steal away to spend some time alone. She is now aware that Jeong Sook is the mother of Jung Min and the spouse of Seo In Ho. Jung Min is aware that she has learned the truth; it will be interesting to watch if he owns up to it or tries to make an excuse. How will So Ra respond to this new information, furthermore? Will she act more complacently or maintain her confidence in her actions? We are aware that So Ra hasn’t exactly been unjust, but her callousness and impoliteness are a bit excessive. Was she not lash out because she felt partially responsible for preventing a patient from receiving a psychiatric diagnosis when she reprimanded Jeong Sook for cleaning her room?

On the other side, Seo In Ho has broken his rule to never drink more than he can handle at the end of Doctor Cha Episode 9, and he is currently singing with Roy Kim. He can’t help but address Jeong Sook as honey in front of everyone when she walks by. Episode 10 may just uncover their secret, but Roy Kim is probably going to manage things as he still looks to be in charge of his senses.

Final Thoughts

We didn’t expect anything less from East Asian Anupamaa given how captivating Doctor Cha has been. It’s likely that Jeong Sook will learn of her family’s cover-up of In Ho’s affair in the upcoming episodes, as well as the full scope of In Ho’s betrayal. It’s going to be a really emotional period, and perhaps we’ll get to see what happens when Jeong Sook lets all of her wrath and ambition out without any restraints.

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