‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 5 & 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Jeong-Suk Find Out Who Choi Eun-Seo’s Father Is?

Season 4 of Jeong-Suk’s conversation with Doctor Cha ended with her having doubts regarding a bracelet receipt she had discovered in In-Ho’s pocket. In-Ho and her mother-in-law had also been questioned, but to no result. After receiving confirmation from In-Ho that he had purchased it for her birthday, Jeong-Suk temporarily lost his skepticism. But when Chairman Oh passed out and needed to be revived by Jeong-Suk and So-Ra in the hospital, the former had looked up and seen Seung-Hi wearing the exact same bracelet, and the two’s interactions resembled those of lovers. Jeong-Suk made a rookie error after seeing this scene and forgot to remove her hands on Chairman-Oh when he was receiving a shock to restart his heart. That charge caused her to pass out, and the doctors had to act quickly to make sure she was okay.

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Is Choi Eun-Seo, Seo In-Ho s Daughter?

The fifth episode of Doctor Cha opens with Jeong-Suk getting checked into the hospital. After fainting owing to an electric shock she received when resuscitating Chairman Oh, she had to be hospitalised. When In-Ho noticed that she was losing consciousness, he rushed her to the hospital, and Jung-Min followed. Jung-Min remained until she awoke. Jeong-Suk met Seung-Hi after swiftly regaining her enthusiasm. During this meeting, Jeong-Suk checked that her observations were accurate. Seung-Hi had put the bracelet aside earlier because she had been irritated with In-Ho hurrying to aid his wife, but she instantly checked at Seung-Hi’s wrist to see if it was there. She had thrown the bracelet into her desk drawer in a fit of rage, which had prevented her from being discovered. Seung-Hi answered a call from her daughter Choi Eun-Seo while she was speaking with Jeong-Suk. Jeong-Suk learned that Seung-Hi was a mother to a daughter before she hurriedly left to attend to the call. Eun-Seo had been studying with her buddy I-Rang at the school that day when Seung-Hi left to pick her up. Eun-Seo eventually broke down when she returned home because she was furious that her mother had arrived without warning. She had become weary from having to keep the mystery of her birth a secret and having to visit her friend’s house later when her father was not there to welcome her. Seo In-Ho was her father, and Seung-Hi had been working to bring her family together, Eun-Seo admits to the audience. She had avoided getting married to anyone else in order to date In-Ho. Eun-Seo was upset by her mother’s choice to put off divorcing Jeong-Suk since she knew In-Ho would not do so.

Will Jeong-Suk Quit Her Residency?

Seung-Hi was deeply affected by the talk with Eun-Seo as she became aware of the immense suffering Eun-Seo through due to having to live with the reality that her mother was In-Ho’s lover rather than his wife. She increased her efforts to make sure Jeong-Suk left the hospital on her own accord as a result of this. She was strict with Jeong-Suk and kept giving her more work. Jeong-Suk would ultimately make a mistake that would result in her being fired or quitting, so she made sure she was exhausted enough that she could not concentrate on her tasks. Chairman Oh was persuaded by Jeong-Suk to consent to the operation he had earlier rejected. Chairman Oh was aware of Jeong-Suk’s determination to live after experiencing a near-death experience and an out-of-body encounter, as well as what other people thought of him. Inadvertently, Jeong-Suk acquired a powerful ally who assisted her at the conclusion of Doctor Cha Episode 5. Because Seung-Hi wanted her work completed right away, Jeong-Suk unintentionally allowed her other patient, who was on parole for the murder of her husband, to leave the hospital and look for her daughter. Higher authorities had reprimanded Jeong-Suk, and combined with her inability to focus on her daughter, she had considered giving up. Naturally, In-Ho had been the happiest about her choice, but Roy Kim wished for her to go on. Chairman Oh became her ally, and by listening to her and pleading with her not to give up, he helped her restore her confidence. He later gave the hospital 10 billion won to help with its development to make sure she wouldn’t leave. He said he would take back the money if she left. Jeong-Suk reconsidered her intention to quit since she was relieved to have received such encouragement from her patient.

Did Roy Kim Find Out About In-Ho And Seung-Hi?

In the first scene of Doctor Cha Episode 6, Jeong-Suk was praised for aiding Chairman Oh and for garnering a lot of support as a result of her work. Both Seung-Hi and In-Ho’s efforts to get rid of her—who had given it their all—were ruined by this. With the aid of her friend Mi-Hee, Jeong-Suk later tried to locate Jung Hae-Nam, the daughter of her other patient, who was now free. She spoke with her daughter and learned about the circumstance. It found out that Hae-Nam’s daughter had her own past and was now a prominent doctor. When she was younger, it was she who killed her father, but Hae-Nam was put in jail instead of her. Hae-Nam’s husband had abused the mother-daughter team at home, and she had often considered killing him, but she had refrained because of her child. Hae Nam was devastated to be apart from her because of her daughter’s guilt, even though she had no qualms about going to jail instead of her. Hae-Nam wanted to see her daughter before she passed away, so Jeong-Suk brought them back together. She had always insisted that she had murdered her spouse and had therefore rejected medical care. Maybe now that her kid is back, she will consent to treatment. In the meantime, In-Ho went on a date with Seung-Hi to make up for the incident with Jeong-Suk. He agreed to stay up late with her because he needed to make up for the fact that he had to give Jeong-Suk the same bracelet he had bought for Seung-Hi to allay suspicions. They were seen together not just by Roy Kim but also by So-Ra. Roy Kim, who was out to dinner with his friends, made the connection when he saw In-Ho and Seung-Hi traveling together to the hospital.

Does Jeong-Suk Find Out Who Choi Eun-Seo s Father Is?

In-Ho was forewarned by Roy Kim that he was aware of Seung-Hi and him. He had requested In-Ho to be honest with her because he wanted to make sure Jeong-Suk wasn’t wounded. In the meantime, In-Ho had started his hazing, where he had resorted to making Jeong-Suk look bad in front of the other doctors since he wouldn’t let her work. He even went so far as to give her patients to other medical professionals and forbid her from remaining throughout their rounds. When they got home, she begged him to stop humiliating her and asked for a chance to prove herself, but In-Ho persisted in using the same strategies to make sure Jeong-Suk eventually resigned. Roy Kim wanted to encourage her at this difficult time and assist her, but he refrained from speaking about Seung-Hi and In-Ho because it was not his place to do so.

Later, after making a deal with In-Ho and jeopardizing her job, Jeong-Suk was able to regain her residency rights. She had seen an abscess in the patient’s belly, which In-Ho had insisted was cancer. Jeong-Suk, however, had insisted that the abscess was not carcinogenic because it had shrunk. In-Ho leaped at the opportunity to show her incorrect, but he ended up losing the wager. Later, by chance, Jeong-Suk ran across Eun-Seo and her mother Seung-Hi at the hospital. She recalled Eun-Seo telling her about the indoor hockey clubs in Doctor ChaEpisode 4, and I think she made the connection that Eun-Seo was In-Ho’s daughter. I-Rang’s decision to apply to an art college rather than a medical institution was revealed to In-Ho, who was furious. While he awaited I-Rang’s arrival, he threw her art supplies to the ground. Despite the fact that Jeong-Suk was on her way home, she was unaware of what had happened because she had just recently realized that Eun-Seo might be In-Ho’s daughter. At the conclusion of Doctor Cha Episode 6, Roy Kim hurried to inform Jeong-Suk of the relationship.

Final Thoughts

These two episodes have been an emotional rollercoaster for Jeong-Suk as well as the rest of us viewers. She brushed off the bracelet, thinking Seung-Hi could have purchased it on her own as it was pretty fashionable. Additionally, she learned that Eun-Seo might be In-Ho’s child, proving that he has been unfaithful to her ever since they got married. Given that Eun-Seo and I-Rang were of a similar age, it is obvious that he had cheated on Jeong-Suk from the start. Seung-Hi was waiting for them to be divorced, but since he was concerned with appearances, I highly doubt that he would have brought up the idea. Additionally, I-Rang might get into trouble due to his attention to appearances. Roy Kim hurried to tell Jeong-Suk about the affair, but based on the Doctor Cha Episode 7 preview, I don’t believe he ever did. I honestly hope she gets a divorce and marries Roy Kim, but that could just be a fantasy.

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