‘Drops Of God’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Issei Camille’s Half-Brother?

Issei found a weird group photo with both of his parents and Alexandre in it at the end of Drops of God episode three. Issei and Camille met for their first task after finding it. Issei prevails in the first challenge, and the attorney announces the day and hour of their second challenge. In episode four, Issei is shown later driving back to Honoka’s workplace to ask about the photograph.

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How Did Honoka And Hirokazu Meet Alexandre?

The first scene of Drops of God episode four is a confrontation between Camille and Issei. Together, they take images, and as they work on their photo shoot, Honoka’s flat gradually comes into focus. When she sees the news report on Issei’s victory over Camille, she asks a staff member to bring Hirokazu. Honoka receives the package Hirokazu sent through a restaurant employee as the staff alerts her about his absence. When she opens the package, she discovers his watch, wallet, phone, wedding rings, present, and other items that had been wrapped and given to her. Honoka has a flashback when she unlocks the wallet. We can learn the story from the past and the mysteries surrounding that group photo thanks to this flashback. Both Honoka and Hirokazu could be seen with Alexandre in the photo.

In 1990, Alexandre Lger and Philippe Chassangre are introduced to Honoka, Hirokazu, and a few of their other acquaintances during a tour of the Domaine Chassangre. They are taken on a field trip and wine tasting. All of the college students are invited to the afterparty after the tour is over by Alexandre and Philippe. Prior to the invitation, Honoka offers to pay Alexandre $50 worth of wine, and their tour guide requests that Alexandre instruct an oenology course at the University of Tokyo. Later, Alexandre accepts the offer and starts instructing the course at the university run by Honoka and Hirokazu. Honoka and Hirokazu were only friends at the moment because she had turned down his approaches.

Did Honoka Have An Affair?

Honoka’s love and awe for Alexandre started with the start of his oenology class. The institution has made it illegal for students to sample alcohol there. Alexandre had to come up with innovative strategies to help them comprehend and distinguish the flavors of various wines. The group took the group photo with his first ever oenology batch in a bar close to the campus where the students may sample wines. Marianne, Alexandre’s wife, had urged him to accept the job at the university and had given him her unwavering support. To help him achieve his goals, Marianne had started establishing a base in Tokyo. She set up gatherings to introduce Jacques, a well-known wine guide author, and Alexandre to the other wine connoisseurs. However, Honoka and her intelligence were diverting Alexandre’s focus. She quickly won Alexandre over with her humor, intelligence, and superb palate. Honoka and Alexandre went for a stroll together after the extra classes and then they split up. During such a stroll, Honoka caught Alexandre’s attention as he was overpowered by his feelings for her. Hirokazu had seen them walking together that day and had made the decision to drown his sorrows in alcohol. When the director heard that he had ended up outside on the campus floor, his course was immediately suspended. The other day, Honoka came to his residence using Hirokazu’s note apologizing as a justification. They then started dating. Honoka and Alexandre had a protracted relationship and met there to hide their affair.

Is Issei Camille s Half-Brother?

Marianne assisted Alexandre in writing a manual for Jacques to solidify his control over the wine business. She continued to encourage him despite learning that his course had been suspended by the university. Marianne was Alexandre’s beacon of hope because she never gave up. During their vacation in Thailand, Marianne made her pregnancy announcement as they talked about the travel guide. During his conversation with his wife, Alexandre was thinking about Honoka, and he understood that he needed to end their relationship at that point. He met Honoka in the regular pub and informed her that Marianne was expecting Camille and that he should put his family first. Honoka’s heart was devastated, and she subsequently told Hirokazu at the university that she was pregnant as well. Honoka is accepted by Hirokazu as she is, and he assumes the role of Issei’s father. Honoka was his true love, and he would stop at nothing to make her his wife. Issei was born around Camille’s time of birth. Alexandre left the hospital room to attend to Camille and Marianne, and while doing so, he saw Honoka leave with Issei in Hirokazu’s arms. Given that Honoka was present for the entire affair, he most likely connected the dots and recognized Issei was his son. Alternatively, he might have believed Honoka was having an affair with Hirokazu, which would account for why he didn’t accept Issei right away.

After Issei departs, the scene returns to the present, and Honoka begins to review her memories. Prior to leaving for the picture shoot, he had came to Honoka to ask about the group shot and the explanation for why she had withheld information regarding his father and her acquaintance with Alexandre. Honoka responded that she did not know him that well, dispelling whatever doubts he could have had. She went on to deny his claims that she knew him by stating that she did not appreciate wine and had never consumed any throughout the years. Honoka enquired as to the whereabouts of Hirokazu after Issei appeared to have accepted the justifications. Issei doesn’t appear to be aware. In the final scene of Drops of God Episode 4, Marianne is given Alexandre’s ashes and a message from him instructing her to scatter the ashes throughout the Domaine. The fact that Marianne merely pushed the urn carrying his ashes beneath the bags suggests that she is aware of the relationship.

Final Thoughts

My little spiritual child. Marianne, on the other hand, has no idea, which is why she is so enraged with him. Episode 4 of Drops of God significantly increased my admiration for Marianne. Yes, she is cunning and she wants Camille to stay away from Alexandre since she is aware of what he did. But even after he passed away, Alexandre kept Camille’s parentage a secret. It is strange, after all, to compete for your fortune with a man who is merely regarded as a student. Yes, teachers and students have a wonderful relationship, but they would never drag them into a battle for inheritance. It was also noteworthy that Issei was unaware of Camille. Oh, but Alexandre is a cunning, cunning man, and I bet Marianne finds out about their little affair eventually. They weren’t being very careful, so I suppose it’s possible that Alexandre told her the truth or went to confront Honoka. Honoka’s mood today must have been impacted by his behavior since she doesn’t want the world to know about the relationship the Tomine Diamonds heir had with her professor.

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