‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Dan Tell Beth About His Extramarital Affair?

Even though there was a prisoner rehabilitation program in place that was assisting Dan Gallagher with social integration, he had a difficult time adjusting to everyday life and realized that things would never return to as they had been.We saw in earlier Fatal Attraction episodes that Mike Gerard had taken Dan to his house and was also assisting him in cracking the case of Alex Forrest. When their fingerprint report arrived, they made a significant advancement when they discovered that Paul Halliwell frequently visited Alex. They suspected that he might have killed Alex and then put the blame on Dan due to his shady behavior. Mike knew he hadn’t killed Alex and he trusted his pal.

Dan found Mike to be a blessing in disguise, and he was baffled as to what he had done to merit such gracious treatment on Mike’s part. Dan desperately needed a job, but the difficulty was that he was aware that no one would want an ex-convict working beside them. Nevertheless, he made the decision to take a chance and contact law firms about openings for paralegals. Dan was clearly overqualified for the position, but he needed a job to keep himself busy and make money because he knew he wouldn’t be made a partner in the firm. Dan visited Gagan Ollen Bibb and Associates, where he ran with Jorge Perez, one of his coworkers. Dan was highly respected by Jorge, and since Jorge was the partner in the company, Dan was accepted right away. Although Jorge wasn’t someone Dan particularly liked, he had given him a chance by appointing him as lead counsel in a crucial case. Since that day, Jorge had felt owed by him, and now that he had the chance to make up, he was not going to pass up the chance. Therefore, in the recap of Fatal Attraction Episode 4, we would investigate whether Alex Forrest had a mental illness and whether Dan had revealed his affair to his wife out of remorse.

Warning: Spoilers

What Did Paul Helliwell Say About Alex Forrest?

Although Mike made every effort to convince Earl Brooker that they should give Dan the benefit of the doubt because they had a long-standing relationship with him and knew he was not a person who could kill in cold blood, Earl Brooker was completely opposed to Dan. However, Earl wasn’t on board and thought Dan was to blame. The kinds of things Paul Halliwell told them were beyond startling when Mike went Dan to visit him in prison. Paul stated that he believed Alex had a condition of some sort and that he was unable to adequately express the difficulties he had experienced during his connection with her. Over time, he observed that Alex had begun to imitate him in a very odd way. She seemed to want to share her partner’s interests and dislikes, and when Paul learned that she had also started writing with her left hand after learning that he was left-handed, it deeply upset him. She allegedly began laughing and speaking like him, and when Paul asked her why, she allegedly became enraged and suggested that he was mistaken in assuming that she was. Paul claimed that Alex yelled at him when he made arrangements with his other friends because she wanted to be around him all the time.

Paul insisted again that while it may seem silly, he was very afraid when he saw all of that for himself. Despite Alex’s best efforts to follow him back, he began to ignore her because of this. In Fatal Attraction Episode 4, Dan went to see Conchita Lewis, the director of the victim services division. Conchita and Dan used to be close friends. Conchita revealed to Dan that a coworker had made an unofficial complaint against her before Alex passed away. Off-the-record, the man admitted to Conchita that while he had indulged Alex, he eventually intended to terminate all relations with her. She was not ready to let him go, so Alex made it extremely unpleasant and likely threatened him to be with her.

That employee had been quite terrified by Alex’s preoccupation, and he reported the incident not so that he could sue Alex but rather so that the supervisors would know what kind of woman Alex was. Dan was extremely unhappy when he learned about it in Fatal Attraction Episode 4, as it could have aided his case if he had been facing a trial and he wouldn’t have had to enter a guilty plea. But since the damage had already been done, he asked Conchita for the man’s address so he could personally speak with him and gather some supporting information. This man’s testimony may be crucial in forthcoming episodes as Dan attempts to piece together what actually transpired with Alex.

Did Dan Tell Beth About His Extramarital Affair?

In Fatal Attraction Episode 4, we go over the events from the previous episodes once more, but this time they are seen from Beth Gallagher’s perspective. Beth had a hunch that her husband was having a relationship. Although she had this suspicion, she didn’t want to face the truth. Beth was concerned about what might occur if her fears materialized. If she learned that her husband was having an extramarital affair, she knew that everything in her life would fall apart. The cues and suggestions Beth was picking up along the way went unnoticed. We believed that she was purposefully ignoring everything, despite the fact that she had discovered earrings in her home and had repeatedly heard Dan’s phone ring off the hook. Beth once left her mother in charge of her home while she and her father went shopping.

When Beth turned around, she discovered her mother in the water. She dived in to save her right away. Most likely because she was too inebriated, her mother was unable to exit the pool. Even Beth’s dog left, despite Beth’s repeated requests for her mother to close the back door. Her dog had been saved and returned home by the neighbor. Beth didn’t have any suspicions, but Dan had a gut feeling that Alex was solely responsible. Dan had revealed to Mike what had transpired between him and Alex, and Mike was furious with Dan for being so careless. Dan became aware of Alex’s unpredictable and psychotic tendencies after learning that Alex had poured acid on his automobile. Dan was repeatedly warned by Mike to consider the effects his choices would have on his life, but the harm had already been done. Dan reveals to Beth toward the end of Fatal Attraction, Episode 4, that he has something significant to confess. Beth sensed he was going to tell her about his affair, and she just wanted to get out of there without listening to what he had to say.

We will undoubtedly witness Dan informing Beth what he has done in the following episodes of Fatal Attraction, and although if Beth is not prepared to face reality, she will definitely have to. Dan felt bad and blamed himself for being so careless, but he had little choice because he was worried Alex would harm his family. We would eventually learn if Dan and Mike had been successful in locating any proof that Dan did not murder Alex. Dan had lost everything and was aware that he would always be considered guilty in the eyes of the law, but he still wanted to prove to his wife and daughter that he had been set up and was not responsible for Alex’s passing.

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