‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Dan Kill Alex? Is Alex Dead?

In the earlier episodes of Fatal Attraction, one thing had been very clear: Alex Forrest craved attention and could never tolerate being ignored. She would do anything to force people to realize her existence because she wanted them to. To intimidate Dan and convince him that she wanted him back, she threw acid on his car and even went to his house. Dan had suspicions that Alex had slain his mother-in-law at his home, as seen in Fatal Attraction Episode 4. Alex came to Dan’s house, as Dan suspected, but she never meant to hurt anyone. Maybe she was just curious to look around, see the house that Dan called home, and figure out how she might possibly fit in. Strangely, when Alex began speaking with Beth’s mother, she began to think that perhaps she would never be able to live the ideal life of having a family and someone to come home to. While Beth’s mother was still in the water, something in her was stirred by the dialogue, and she put the pool cover on. She then abruptly allowed the dog outside before making a stealthy exit. The mayhem had just begun, but Alex wasn’t going to stop there.

Dan kept updating Mike on the events, never realizing that Alex might react in such a manner. Mike bluntly informed him that it was his fault and that he should never have allowed her to win in the first place. Dan realized that, with the passing of his mother-in-law, he could no longer keep his extramarital affairs a secret out of concern that Alex might do something to harm his family. Dan was feeling bad for what he had done, and he had never liked or been attracted to Alex Forrest. He used Alex as a tool to continue down the path of destruction. Even though Dan pretended to be in control of his emotions and had not been appointed as the judge, the unfortunate event had seriously hurt his emotional state. Most likely, he had lost the belief that he was deserving of anything, which explains why his conscience never intervened to prevent him from transgressing moral bounds. Therefore, let’s find out what weird events occurred in Fatal Attraction Episode 5 and how they affected Dan’s life.

Warning: Spoilers

Why Did Dan Tell Beth About His Affair?

Beth was informed by Dan that he had been cheating on Alex. When Beth first met Alex at the open house, she immediately sensed that there was a relationship developing between him and Dan. When Beth learned that her mother had passed away, she was inconsolable and questioned Dan as to why he had revealed to her that he had an affair. Beth’s life has completely changed in a matter of days. Dan was informed by her that their relationship was finished and that she didn’t want any explanations from his end. Dan was aware that there was nothing he could do to reverse the harm that had already been done. He was the only one to blame for ruining his life, so all he could do was sit and keep thinking about what had entered his mind to cause him to behave so irrationally.

Beth was informed by Dan that he believed Alex might have been responsible for the death of her mother. When Alex learned more about Gabriel Ibarra, the man Conchita had informed him about and who had made an unofficial complaint against Alex, he concluded that he was someone he had previously known. Gabriel made it clear to Dan that he would not help him with his problem. Gabriel said that there was a reason he had lodged an informal grievance rather than filing a formal complaint. Dan made an effort to persuade him to testify on his behalf because he had served 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. However, Gabriel had already made up his mind and was unwilling to reveal who he really was in front of the court. Dan’s talk with Gabriel was overheard by Benny, who is a former friend of Dan’s. In addition to Gabriel, Benny informed Dan that Alex also had an affair with a man by the name of Biff Smith, and he had similar problems with her, according to his sources. Dan goes and tells Mike everything, and Mike tells him that in addition to Dr. Paul Halliwell, Biff, and Gabriel, two additional people’s fingerprints were discovered in Alex’s home: Olena Kuzma and Elijah Acosta. Every day that went by, the mystery grew more complicated, and Dan wasn’t sure whether he would ever be able to establish his innocence.

Who Made A Complaint Against Dan?

Dan’s boss, Marcella Levya, had received an anonymous letter accusing him of numerous offenses. The allegations were grave, and Marcella feared that they would get out of hand and harm her department. She urged Dan to take a few days off while the investigation was going on so that there wouldn’t be any conflicts of interest and so that she wouldn’t be held responsible for an unfair probe in the future. Marcella could not take a chance in such a delicate subject, despite her liking Dan. Dan felt completely destroyed and tried to persuade Marcella to have some faith in him. The investigative committee called Alex Forrest and inquired about her opinion of Dan since they were frequently seen together hanging out in the cafe. Surprisingly, Alex didn’t speak negatively about Dan; in fact, she told the investigator how highly she regarded him and how professional he was. Dan was later exonerated of all charges in Fatal Attraction Episode 5, and the allegations mentioned in the letter were revealed to be untrue. Dan was also instructed to express his gratitude to Alex for saving his job through her testimony. Dan had a feeling that Alex was the one who had filed the complaint and then presented himself as the hero by standing up for him.

Is Alex Dead Or Alive?

All hell broke loose and Alex’s most ominous side was let loose in the fifth episode of Fatal Attraction. She started a fire on the property that Beth and Arthur were managing. Beth managed to escape just barely and sustained serious injuries. When Dan learned that his daughter Ellen hadn’t returned home from school, he lost his calm and began to suspect Alex might be to blame. Even though Mike eventually located Ellen, who remained silent regarding Alex, Dan made the decision to approach Alex and put an end to the situation. He delivered her to the ground at Alex’s house. In a moment of passion, he threatened to ruin her life and said he wouldn’t care if it made him seem bad. Despite not being afraid, Alex’s bright eyes sparkled as if she had finally been given the chance to do something she had been longing to accomplish.

Alex was not present when Fatal Attraction Episode 5 ended, and there was blood on the floor of her apartment. It’s plausible that she would have committed suicide and set up the evidence so that Dan was falsely accused. Dan might have been given the responsibility for her murder if she had actually been slain by someone else. Alex’s reaction when Dan pushed her in a fit of wrath revealed that she had something brewing in her thoughts. She carried out her plan right then and there. Despite being fully aware of the effects her actions would have, she still wanted to take them. Dan wasn’t giving her the attention she needed, and she wanted to make him regret it. Even though Alex was aware that there was no turning back from that point, her unstable mind overcame her. At the time, Alex was experiencing some kind of disorder and was totally fixated on Dan. She had gone through a similar phase with other men as well, but with Dan, things took a drastic turn, and she was unable to accept the reality that he no longer desired her.

Dan is still looking for the truth, and even though he is aware that the 15 years he spent in prison will never be regained, he still feels compelled to do so in order to show his wife and daughter that he was not the one who committed the murder. We shall learn in the upcoming episodes if Dan is able to piece together the truth and determine exactly what happened to Alex, as well as whether his daughter Ellen will ever be able to accept him in her life and feel the same way about him as she did in her youth.

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