‘From’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Sara Myers Alive? Who Was Brian Kelly?

The third episode of season two of From is the least thrilling one so far because it looks to take a break before the action picks back up in the next episodes. The focus of episode 3 tends to shift slightly away from numerous major revelations or developments and toward interpersonal relationships and how past experiences have affected the protagonists’ mental stability.Sheriff Boyd received some unusual powers from the elderly guy in the forest who was chained up in the previous episode 2, but it is still unknown what exactly these powers—or curses, for that matter—are. Tabitha, on the other hand, suddenly begins to see things that no one else can see.

Warning: Spoilers

How Are Personal Bonds Reinstated?

The personal relationships that had been damaged over time but are now stronger seem to receive more attention starting with episode 3. In the opening scene of the episode, Sheriff Boyd is speaking to his son Ellis and attempting to explain what had occurred to him after he had gone into the forest in quest of answers. Ellis is not particularly convinced by anything Boyd claims because the man purposefully withholds the majority of information regarding his peculiar journey, probably because Boyd is unsure of the veracity of the occurrences. Boyd seems to be doubting whether everything has been a dream and whether everything is genuine or not during the entire episode. Boyd, however, understood that something was wrong with his kid when he noticed Ellis being tense and irritated that his father was not sharing much with him. Ellis is questioned about this, and the son reveals Fatima’s deteriorating mental state since the previous evening, when she revealed that it was very difficult for her to continue living in the unfamiliar town with the creatures stalking the streets every night. Boyd and Ellis were able to reestablish their loving father-son relationship, which had weakened during their tenure in the community.

Contrary to her upbeat personality of late, Fatima has in fact been under a lot of stress. All evidence of her unstable mental state was her nearly having a breakdown the night before when she was upset by the insults and jeers of the creatures outside. Fatima continues to do her duties at the colony house as she greets Elgin, the newest resident, and shows him around the facility in accordance with custom. On the other hand, Ellis experiences some intense occurrences throughout the day and may come to terms with the fleeting nature of life. Ellis and Fatima had already become engaged during the previous season, but they had made the decision to postpone the nuptials until they were back in their regular life. However, Ellis now claims that he does not want his happiness to be influenced by the peculiar, mysterious town they have been living in or their circumstances. The happy couple decides to get married straight away, thus following episodes will likely feature wedding celebrations.

Mari and Kristi got into a heated argument in the previous episode when Mari voiced her shock that Kristi had left her family and Mari to move to the town, which was only a few hours away from their house. Mari obviously didn’t buy into the oddity of the village she had been informed about or the idea that you couldn’t leave after you did. Even now, she is still upset with Kristi because she feels like her fiancé betrayed her on purpose. Mari later discovers a painted rock that Kristi had carefully placed next to her bed as a symbol that she had not intended to abandon Mari. This rock has personal meaning for both Mari and Kristi. While this helps to ease their tension a little, Kristi must leave right away to attend to an emergency and later suffers along with Ellis. When Kristi comes back, she sobs in Mari’s arms and begs her to stay with her. She is obviously upset and shaken. This has an impact on Mari, and it appears that the pair has truly reconciled.

What Happens To Kelly And Brian?

A couple named Kelly and Brian was among the visitors to the town who were riding the tour bus. They had become separated from the rest of the party after Donna had fired her gun. The pair was seen in episode 2 seeking refuge at the neighborhood bar, which was now deserted, but they were unaware of the monsters that prowl the streets at night. They had heard a knock on the pub’s front door, but the previous time they had gone, it had not been made clear what had transpired next. In episode 3, it is made clear that the creatures who knocked on the door were the ones who had captured Brian and forced Kelly to witness as he was slain. All of this information appears to be provided merely to demonstrate how the monsters have become more potent and sophisticated over time, as seen by the fact that they now torment in addition to killing. Kelly is discovered by Ellis and Kenny when they are walking through the forest in a terrible state. The woman has been nailed to a tree but is still alive.

The fact that the rod holding Kelly to the tree had pierced her head and brain before entering the tree’s trunk makes her predicament all the more horrifying. The improvised doctor says that even with sophisticated medical technology at a hospital, Kelly’s injuries would require a fifteen-hour surgery that also would not likely keep her alive as soon as Kenny picks up Kristi from the town. There was no chance to assist Kelly in surviving in this isolated community with no access to the outside world. After some time, Kristi, Ellis, and Kenny discuss the most humane way to end the young woman’s suffering by killing her. Kenny believes that shooting Kelly to death would be the most effective and efficient solution, but Kristi disagrees, stating that she does not want Kelly’s final memory to be of someone pointing a gun at her. Kristi wants to remove the rod instead, but doing so will kill Kelly by shocking her internal organs.

Kelly is soon to pass away, and it’s not like Kristi wants to offer her any false hope either. The nurse makes this very obvious to the patient. Kelly appears to hear Sheriff Boyd approaching from a considerable distance at this point, which frightens her. It seems as though the dying Kelly may hear or sense something horrible inside Boyd from a distance, and although nothing of the sort is specifically said, it’s possible that she can hear the weird critters that have been crawling under Boyd’s skin. Boyd ultimately decides to remove the rod, killing Kelly and leaving Kristi, Ellis, and Kenny traumatized and shaken by the entire ordeal.

Has Victor Returned To Town?

After their enigmatic excursion through the subterranean tunnels with Tabitha, Victor has now returned to County House. When the man discovers that some of his belongings are stolen and notices that his room at the County House has been examined, he is outraged. Victor then inquires about who may have been in his room. Victor furiously heads over to Jade’s house to get his violin after learning that Jade had been the one to search through his personal items. Jade expresses regret for his behavior before explaining to Victor why he did it. It appears briefly that Victor may have information regarding the picture of the man holding the diary, behind whom a young Victor can be seen. Victor, however, intends to maintain his enigma, thus nothing new is divulged in this regard.

What Is Happening With Tabitha?

After reaching Jim, who is hurt but not in danger, Tabitha recounts the outcome of her investigation into the electricity cables. The source of the town’s electricity is still unknown, according to Tabitha, who had been excavating under their house to see where it had been coming from. In the end, she claims, nothing was linked to the wires. The woman then searches the town’s storage facilities for clothing and other stuff because her family lost everything in the collapse of their home. However, when Tabitha and Julie exit the storage unit, Tabitha notices two small children who are obviously monsters standing nearby and glaring at them menacingly. After leaving the area swiftly, Tabitha later informs Julie about it. The mother alleges that even after she and Jim lost their son Thomas, Tabitha would occasionally see or hear the boy’s cries. Even though she knew these were just her mother’s fantasies, Tabitha always felt at ease following such strange occurrences. She admits that she didn’t feel at ease when she saw the two dead children, even though she realizes that they could potentially be imaginary. A few minutes later, while Tabitha is with Ethan, she notices that the new toy he’s playing with is quite similar to the one she saw in the tunnels below. When Tabitha notices the two children staring at them again, she frightfully drags Ethan back into the rental home where they are staying.

Who Was Brian Kelly?

While reporting to Donna, Sheriff Boyd also discovers a very peculiar issue. Boyd experienced a catastrophic explosion when his convoy drove over some IEDs when he was serving in the US Marine Corps overseas in Iraq. Boyd and the majority of the soldiers were unharmed, although one young corporal had shrapnel pierce his chest. Like Kelly had died a while back, this man passed away in Boyd’s arms while sobbing and pleading for assistance. Boyd had never witnessed a death before, and what made it oddest was that the corporal’s name was Brian Kelly. On the other side, Boyd was responsible for Kelly’s death, who had previously lost her boyfriend, Brian, to the monsters the previous evening. Boyd cannot accept that the names are only a huge coincidence and begins to suspect that there may be something much stranger going on.

How Did Kenny Find Sara Myers?

Kenny visits the deserted church at the conclusion of episode three of From to browse through Father Khatri’s possessions. Kenny explores the facility and comes across the basement chamber where Sara Myers was held hostage by the late Father Khatri and which he had converted into a complete room. Sara is there as Kenny enters the chamber to look around more, and she immediately recognizes him and cries out to him.

What Can We Expect In From Season 2, Episode 4?

The conclusion of episode 3 makes it abundantly evident that Sara has come back, and she will soon be back in town. However, it still has to be disclosed what had happened to Sara and why she had been residing in the underground chamber. This will likely happen in forthcoming episodes. It appears that Tabitha has recently begun to see the monsters in broad daylight—at least, she can make out the two murdered kids in particular. However, the reasons behind their appearances and if Tabitha is about to experience any further bizarre happenings will likely be disclosed in the upcoming episodes. Last but not least, we continue to be in the dark about Boyd’s situation and the power or curse he may have inherited. Boyd’s new talents might be made public around the same time as his son Ellis and Fatima’s impending wedding.

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