How to schedule text messages on iPhone

This tip is for you if you are often forgetting to send texts at the appropriate time. Come along as we explore a productive way to plan text messages on an iPhone, helping you improve your communication skills. As a result, you won’t ever forget to wish a friend a happy birthday or to send a crucial message.

Is it possible to schedule a text on iPhone?

There isn’t an official method for scheduling an iMessage on an iPhone as of this writing. That won’t stop us from appreciating this level of personalization, though. There is an expedient solution!

You may schedule text messages by automating tasks and creating unique processes with the iPhone Shortcuts app. On your iPhone, though, you can only send one delayed text message at a time using a third-party software. Let’s discover how!

How to schedule text messages on iPhone using Shortcuts

  1. Launch the Shortcut app on your iPhone.
  2. Head over to the Automation menu Tap New Automation.
  3. Choose Time of Day.
  4. Now, adjust the task s time and repetition parameters as you prefer.

    New Automation, Time of Day, Select When and Repeat factors

  5. Choose Run Immediately and hit Next.
  6. Now, select the Send Message automation.

    Run Immediately, Done, Send Messgae

  7. Tap the faded Message bar and enter your desired text.
  8. Next, choose Recipients and add the receiver.
    You can add multiple contacts as well.
  9. Tap Done to save your preferences.

    Message, Recipient, Done

  10. Finally, hit Done to conclude the process.

    Tap Done to save Scheduled Message automation

To terminate a scheduled SMS message, navigate to the Automation menu within the Shortcuts app. Swipe away from the task TapDelete for Scheduled Message.


Will the recipient know that I scheduled a message?

No, the receiver won’t be informed that your text message is scheduled. The message will show up in the chat as though it was sent by hand at the appointed hour.

Can I edit or cancel a scheduled text?

It is possible to modify or revoke a prearranged message. Navigate to the automation you set up and choose Send Message.Tap the message you’ve previously written. Enter a fresh hit-done message. Before the SMS is sent, you can also change the recipient, adjust the timing, or withdraw the plan.

Are scheduled messages sent if the iPhone is off or not connected to the internet?

At the specified time of sending, if your device is turned off, the automated will not be able to deliver the message. Also, if you have disabled Wi-Fi or cellular data, the scheduled iMessage will not be sent.

Plan your messaging like an expert!

Now that we’ve finished our investigation into iPhone scheduled messaging, you have an important tool at your disposal that can improve the efficiency of your correspondence and infuse your talks with a little sophistication. Use timing to your advantage and ensure that your messages are heard at the exact moment when they will have the biggest impact.

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