How to tag pets in Photos app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Whether you’re a cat dad or a dog mom, you like your animal and most likely take a ton of pictures of them. You may now enjoy viewing your pet’s pictures in the People & Pets album in Photos by using pet recognition. To add images of your pet that are not yet recognized, you may also manually tag pets. Seems intriguing? Here’s a brief overview of the People & Pets album’s functionality and how to tag pets in the Photos app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

About People & Pets album in Photos

Apple replaced the original People album in Photos with the People & Pets album with iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and macOS Sonoma. With this update, you can now view your dog or cat’s photos and videos in the album more quickly, much like you do with friends and family.

Photographs of your pet should automatically be recognized by Apple Photos and added to the People & Pets album. You may then just enter the name of your pet here. From now on, Photos will identify the named animal in the same way that it does when you name (tag) people in Photos.

Next, use the People & Pets app to view your animal companions’ previously taken photos and videos alongside brand-new ones.

Tips for finding pets in Photos app on iPhone with iOS 17

You have the choice to locate your pet’s pictures on your own, even though Photos should find them for you. This comes particularly handy early on in the recognition process, when Photos might not be able to identify every image in the People & Pets album.

Here are some pointers for utilizing the Photos Search function to locate pictures of your pet:

  • Search for the type of pet, cat, or dog, and then use the suggestions to narrow down the photos.
  • Use keywords you ve included in photo captions to locate pictures of your pet.
  • Try additional keywords to find pet photos like date, place, season, or category.

How to tag pets in Photos app on iPhone and iPad

You can tag cats and dogs in photos after finding them yourself or straight from the People & Pets album on iPhone and iPad running iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. If Photos has identified a pet and added them to the People & Pets album for you, the latter option is preferable.

In a photo or video

  1. To name a pet in a photo you find, open the picture.
  2. Tap the Info icon (i) or slide up from the bottom to display the details.
  3. You should see a question mark next to the unnamed face.
  4. Tap that icon and select Name This Pet.
  5. Enter the pet s name Tap Next and then Done.

    Name your pets in Photos app on iPhone

In the People & Pets album

  1. To name a pet in the People & Pets album, select the pet.
  2. Tap Add Name at the top and then enter the name or choose one from the suggestions
  3. Select Next and then Done.

    Tag pets in Photos app on iPhone in Peoples and Pets album

How to tag pets in Photos app on Mac

In a photo or video

  1. To name a pet in a photo you find, select View Show Face Names in the menu bar.
  2. Then click the unnamed field below the face and enter the name.

    Click the unnamed field in Photos and Videos

  3. Alternatively, click the Info (i) icon in the toolbar and then the plus sign in the pop-up window.

    Tap the info icon and Plus sign in pets name

  4. Drag the circle over the face on the photo and enter the name in the Click to name field.

In People & Pets album

Click+Name on the pet’s photo and type the name to give it a name in the People & Pets album.

As an alternative, pick the animal, click Add Name at the top, and either type in the name or pick one from the list of options. When you’re done, click Next and Done.

How to manage People & Pets album in Photos on iPhone

Once you give your pet a name, Photos will automatically find more photos of them and display them in the People & Pets album. This includes fresh images and recordings that you take.

For pictures of Fluffy or Fido, you may still manage and do further tasks in the People & Pets album.

  • Set a key photo: You can pick the main photo for your pet s album. Choose a picture of your pet and long-press or right-click to select Make Key Photo.

    Set as key photo

  • Merge groups of photos: You may find Photos adding a new pet to the album that s actually an existing named pet. In this case, you can merge the groups of photos.
    • On iPhone and iPad, pick Select on the top right, tap each pet, and select Merge at the bottom.
    • On Mac, hold Command as you click each pet, right-click, and select Merge X Pets.

      Merge groups of photos

  • Correct misidentified pets: If you find a photo of a pet in an album that was identified incorrectly, you can fix it easily. Either long-press or right-click the photo and choose This is Not [pet name] to remove it from the pet s album.

    Correct misidentified pets

  • Do more with pet photos: You can choose to review more photos of your pet, add them to your favorites, or create a photo memory. Select a pet in the album and tap the three dots at the top (iPhone and iPad) or scroll to the bottom (Mac) for these actions and more.

Give your pet the spotlight!

Photographing and filming their pets is something that both dog and cat owners enjoy doing. For pet parents, Apple’s addition of iOS 17 pet recognition and the expansion of the People album to include pets is a fantastic improvement. When you open your pet’s album in Photos, this makes your pet the center of attention.

Regarding the People & Pets Photos section, what are your thoughts? Are you using it to the benefit of your pet? Send it to us!

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