How to use Hot Corners in macOS Sonoma and Ventura

Among the best devices for increasing productivity is the Mac. Even while we can all count on Apple to continuously release productivity-enhancing software, such as interactive widgets in macOS Sonoma and web apps in Safari, there are still useful but underappreciated features like Hot Corners that we should make more use of. All the information you require to use Hot Corners on a Mac is provided here.

What are Hot Corners on Mac?

Hot Corners are keyboard shortcuts that work by using the four screen corners to start or stop an action when your mouse pointer reaches one of them.

Hot Corners allow you to perform several actions without having to go through menus, much like keyboard shortcuts. It’s far simpler to move your mouse to a corner than to press multiple keys at once, which makes it superior to keyboard shortcuts.

Actions Hot Corners can perform on Mac

With the help of this Mac shortcut, you can make the four corners of your screen become hot spots that instantly perform one of ten possible actions. The Quick Note icon is by default located in the lower right corner.

The ten distinct actions that you can designate for a hot corner are listed below:

  • Mission Control: Mission Control gives you an overview of all the items currently open on your Mac
  • Application Windows: This shows you all the opened windows for a particular app clustered in one view. For example, it would show you all your stickies in a single view Desktop
  • Notification Center: This shows your widgets and notifications from your apps. Since you can just access this by swiping two fingers from the right side of your trackpad to the left or by clicking the date and time from the menu bar, people rarely assign this to a hot corner
  • Desktop: This action moves all your windows aside so you can easily access files on your desktop. The windows instantly return once you move your cursor away or select a file.
  • Launchpad: The Launchpad looks and behaves like the iPhone or iPad s Home screen. It lets you navigate and access apps installed on your Mac.
  • Quick Note: Putting this on a hot corner immediately opens a note for quick jotting down ideas.
  • Start Screensaver: As the name implies, this action lets you trigger your screensaver. While only a few people use screensavers, this can be handy if you re going away from your screen for a few minutes and want to hide the contents of your desktop.
  • Disable Screensaver: If you re using a screensaver, it may appear after a few minutes of being idle, like when thinking hard and long about the best way to word an email. This hot corner action prevents your screensaver from coming on.
  • Put Display to Sleep: This hot corner action lets you turn off your display instantly.
  • Lock Screen: Using this hot corner action lets you immediately put your screen to sleep. In contrast to simply putting it to sleep, locking your screen requires you to input your password to re-access your desktop.

How to access and enable Hot Corners on Mac

  1. To access Hot Corners, go to Apple Menu System Settings.

    Go to Apple Menu and System Settings

  2. Select Desktop & Dock on the sidebar Then scroll down and click Hot Corners.

    Select Desktop and Dock and then select Hot Corners

  3. To set up Hot Corners, select one of the four drop-down menus representing each hot corner.

    Select one of the four drop down menus

  4. Click which hot corner to assign an action Select Done.

    Hot corner to assign an action and Select Done

  5. Once enabled, just move your mouse pointer to the Hot Corner on your desktop to trigger your assigned action.

How to customize Hot Corners

Simply go back to the Hot Corners settings and adjust the assigned actions or hot corners to your liking if you would like.

How to set up Hot Corners with Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

The propensity to accidentally trigger hot corners is one of the most common grievances directed towards them. You can add modifier keys to stop this, making it necessary for you to press particular keys while swiping to the corner in order to initiate the action.

Command, Shift, Option, Control, or a combination of these keys can be used. Simply depress one or more keys prior to or during clicking on any of the pop-up menus. When you hit Shift, the key symbol need to show up before the action, like Mission Control.

How to turn off Hot Corners on Mac

There isn’t a button to turn off Hot Corners. Alternatively, simply pick the hot corner that has a designated action and modify it to either nothing or the symbol.

  1. Go to Apple Menu System Settings Desktop & Dock.
  2. Scroll down and click Hot Corners.
  3. Click a drop-down menu Select the ( ) symbol Click Done to save your preferences.

    Turn off Hot Corners on Mac


Why is my MacBook not saving hot corners?

You may need permission from the person in charge of your computer, such as an administrator or the IT department, before you can change any settings on your Mac. Hot corners may only function on the primary display and may not function on any additional displays you may be using.

How do I get rid of hot corners on my Mac?

By deleting the designated action in the settings, you can disable hot corners.

Where do you click for hot corners on a Mac?

Any of the four corners of the screen can be designated as a hot corner. Only the bottom-right has a designated action (Quick Note) by default. Hot corners can be configured, and the associated functions for each hot corner can be added or changed.

Final Thoughts

Using hot corners on your Mac lets you rapidly access features and applications without having to go through menus. If you haven’t already, it’s worth investigating because it saves you time and work. Do you also adore them? If yes, please explain below!

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