‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Was In The Mystery Tape?

Jesus, a.k.a. Jay, had been introduced to Simone, whose real name was Elizabeth, some seven years prior. According to Mrs. Davis Episode 4, Simone understood who Jay was and was so in love with him that she wanted to wed him. Simone and Jay already had a close relationship, but Jay made it clear that there were conditions she would need to meet before they could get married. Simone went to the convent and started her training as a postulant because she was willing to do anything to be referred to as Jesus’ wife. Simone was welcomed by the other Covenant nuns, and as a result, she was chosen to be the wife of Jesus. When Wiley first learned about it, he found it hard to believe that the Almighty could partake in such activities because his conception of God and how he lived was totally different from what Simone had told him.

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Jay Gives Simone A Task

The woman Simone had mistaken for Clara was actually Mathilda LaFleur, who Simone had seen with several ladies engaging in suspicious behaviour together near the Loch of Drumellie in the previous episode. Simone went to check on Mathilde, who had been admitted to the hospital, but she was forced to leave by a group of women wearing black suits before she could speak to her and find out about her role in the whole ordeal. Simone was summoned by Jay’s dove to meet him, and he handed her an assignment that required her to go right away for the Vatican City. At first, Simone wasn’t sure what Jay was asking her to do when he instructed her to bring a cake from a particular bakery to the Pope. Simone confided in Jay that she believed she had found the holy grail and that if she went to the Vatican, she wouldn’t be able to finish the task. However, Jay insisted that delivering the cake was a priority, so despite Simone’s initial annoyance at the last-minute change in plans, she was forced to follow Jay’s instructions. After meeting Jay, Simone was taken back to the hospital where she learned that Mathilde had passed away and that the other women who had been to meet her had also disappeared.

Wiley Meets Pope Leo In Prison

Father Hans Ziegler had imprisoned Wiley at the Vatican and taken him there in order to find out how he had obtained the shoes. Father Ziegler was aware that the Vatican did not hold the holy grail to be real. It’s possible that he had endured their mockery in the past and was insistent to the church leaders that his assertions were true. Father Ziegler sought the grail in order to establish his credibility with the Vatican. Wiley didn’t believe him when he claimed that they were in the Vatican and assumed that he was lying because, according to his last knowledge, he was competing in Scotland. Father Ziegler, however, was not lying; in fact, he had taken Wiley to the Vatican because he was prepared to do whatever it took to discover Clara and the Holy Grail.

Wiley found it hard to imagine that Pope Leo XI Felipe Suarez Ortega was being held captive in the cell across from him. There was little outcry even after a Pope went missing because, according to the Pope, a doppelganger had replaced him. The Pope was of the opinion that Mrs. Davis, better known as Madonna in Italy, had sent Wiley to save him or that Wiley had done the opposite, but Wiley had a completely different notion. Wiley believed that the reason he was imprisoned was because Mrs. Davis had learned about his resistance group and wanted to punish him. In contrast to the other persons in his age group, Wiley was given a substantially shorter amount of time before he reached his expiration date, which led Wiley to feel that Mrs. Davis had some sort of personal grudge against him. Elderly persons typically received such a brief time period, but Wiley’s situation was an exception. He didn’t mind being in jail because he had eight days left before his sentence was up.

With nothing else to do, The Pope and Wiley began chit-chatting and striking up random discussions. Wiley informed the Pope of what Simone, his ex-girlfriend, had revealed to him regarding their relationship and how she had taken the idea of nuns serving as Jesus’ wife quite literally. The Pope assured him that there was a good chance she was telling the truth because Jesus always preferred women to men. The Pope personally experienced being told to wait while Jesus and Clara met. The Pope described Jesus as a ladies’ man and admitted to Wiley that he felt abandoned by the Almighty’s actions.

Because Mrs. Davis was consistently present for all of her subjects—unlike Jesus—the Pope had put his faith in her. The fact that Clara, the same lady for whom Jesus had made him wait, was the cause of his imprisonment added to the Pope’s rage and fury. Ziegler mentioned a mysterious tape at the start of Mrs. Davis Episode 4, and Mrs. Davis assigned the Pope the responsibility of finding it and placing it in Zeigler’s office. The Pope saw something on that tape that helped him realize what Clara wanted to do, but he was arrested before he could do it. The people at the Vatican learned that they had been duped up to that point by a doppelganger of the Pope after Wiley and the Pope managed to escape from the prison.

Mrs. Davis Episode 4 Ending Explained: What Was In The Mystery Tape?

When Simone arrives at the Vatican, she visits the bakery where Jay had asked her to pick up the cake. There, she encountered Maria, an irritable elderly woman who had some personal issues with the papacy in general. Maria dreamed of becoming the Pope, but she soon came to understand that as a woman, she was limited to a certain position within the church as she grew older. After starting her own bakery because she couldn’t stand the bigotry of society, she made sure that no money from her business went to the Pope. Maria argued to Simone that although she was more gifted and qualified than the Pope, her wings had been clipped from the start, and the Pope could soar to any heights he pleased simply because he was a male. When Maria learned that the cake would be given to the Pope, she promptly tore it into pieces and offered to create Simone a replacement dessert in exchange for a million euros. Maria was surprised to learn that, with Mrs. Davis’ assistance, Simone did manage to amass a million euros. Simone learned from Maria that she wasn’t the only lady Jay had sent to deliver the cake during their talk. She was upset by Maria’s statements and thought Jay was treating her like an errand girl. After a heated dispute with Jay, Simone decided to eat the cake herself rather than deliver it. Simone had to be brought to the hospital after choking on the plastic toy that was hidden inside the cake.

As both of them were at the Vatican during the end of Mrs. Davis Episode 4, Wiley and Simone reconnected. After being reinstalled as Pope, Felipe Suarez Ortega arrived and advised Wiley to tell Simone about the tape because Simone was also familiar with Clara. Simone recognized Clara as the lady who was severing the heads of the opposing soldiers when the tape played the same video of the Knight Templar being executed that we had seen at the start of Episode 1. But then something bizarre occurred, turning the entire situation into a commercial for the identical shoes that Mrs. Davis had sent for Wiley. Even the commercial abruptly came to an end, and there was footage of Clara threatening Father Hans Ziegler, threatening to report him to the Vatican for what he had done to create the advertisement if he didn’t stop looking for her and the grail. Clara was carrying the grail, and we could see the same cat that Mr. Schrodinger, the guy who was abandoned on the isolated island, kept as a pet in the distance. Even Simone struggled to make sense of what she had just seen as the fourth episode came to an abrupt conclusion. We shall learn more about what Clara, Zeigler, Jay, and Mrs. Davis really desired in the next episodes, as well as who was on whose side. While this was going on, Wiley and Simone were in a jam and had no choice but to rely on their instincts to keep them safe while attempting to unravel the mystery of the holy grail.

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