‘Mrs. Davis’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Simone Get The Shroud Of Lazarus?

When viewing a Mrs. Davis show, we occasionally wonder if we missed a point or if there even was one to begin with. Basically, everything is conceivable in this universe, and the true motivations behind everything are as fantastical as the techniques used to carry them out. In keeping with that, Simone and Wiley are now in need of the Shroud of Lazarus in order to go whale watching and recover the Holy Grail. To get there, though, Simone and her mother Celeste may have to face their long-standing problems head-on or turn them against one another. It all happens in this manner.

Warning: Spoilers

How Do Wiley And Simone Plan To Steal The Shroud?

The sixth episode of Mrs. Davis opens with a flashback in which Monty, Simone’s father, asks his wife and daughter to witness him perform an event in which he submerges himself in acid but survives because he is draped in the Shroud of Lazarus. Although Monty offers to sign the divorce papers in exchange for her presence, Celeste is persuaded despite her initial opposition. Simone first declines, but eventually turns up. Because the shroud did not completely cover Monty during this incident, the acid allegedly managed to contact him and cause his death. The rest of the world believes that Monty passed away in agony, but Celeste is convinced that he is still alive and that everything that happened was a staged farce with Simone’s assistance. She views her mother’s charges as unreasonable and holds her father’s funeral, using the occasion to try to get close to Wiley in order to deal with her grief. Wiley, however, intervenes when he observes how distressed she is.

Wiley and Simone meet Celeste in the present to request the shroud from her. While initially agreeing to give it to Simone, Celeste makes it clear that she won’t until she tells her where her father is. Simone is disturbed and perplexed by her mother’s obstinate demands, but there is nothing else she can do. When she and Celeste exit the hidden room, she discovers that Wiley has punched himself while being overly vigilant and spilt some of his own blood on the spotless white couch. We learn about their true strategy when Simone and Wiley depart. They had just gone there to use a secret camera in Simone’s crucifix to map out the office so they could later steal the shroud.

Basically, the opposition has intercepted Celeste’s order for a new couch for her office. Through that couch, Simone and Wiley will enter the office. Once inside, Simone will pass through the walls that are pressing in on her to reach the shroud room, while Wiley will hack through the panels to allow networking with the team. It’s a staged plan, but it’s really not that complicated. They start working as soon as they enter Celeste’s office. Simone discovers that the constipator she was given to halt the walls is ineffective, and it is only at the very last second that she successfully cracks the code and opens the room, saving her from being crushed by the walls. Wiley also breaks through the wall at that point, only to discover that Celeste had played both him and Simone. They both wind up in a false office that she put up, with their plans entirely derailed. Celeste had seen the camera in Simone’s cross and understood they were after her for something. Following a heated exchange between the mother and daughter, Celeste presents her with images of Monty that were taken three days after his purported demise from various ATMs. That alone led Celeste to think that Monty was still alive and that Simone had likely assisted him.

How Did Simone And Wiley Get The Shroud Of Lazarus?

an emotional weakling Wiley and Simone had another private moment. Even though Jesus made it clear that there was nothing wrong with her being with Wiley, she is still struggling with the guilt of betraying him. Wiley stops what he’s doing when he realizes Simone has mentally switched to Jesus and also because their pickup is right there. Simone, though, has work to do. She asks a woman at a diner to speak with Mrs. Davis once she gets off the bus. When Simone confronts Mrs. Davis about the issue with her parents, she discloses that Celeste had discovered the photos on her own, but that Mrs. Davis had informed her that Simone was Monty’s sidekick. She had said that because Celeste wanted to hear it. It was simpler to imagine Simone’s mother as the enemy than to genuinely deal with her own sentiments of regret because she had unwittingly carried the guilt of harming her daughter. Mrs. Davis gave Celeste the information she desired as a result. This time, the woman who is serving as the mediator declines to tell Simone where her father is. This is the first time Simone had a direct conversation with Mrs. Davis and learns where her father is.

The next stage for Simone will be to locate her mother and make a deal with her. She is informed by Simone that she did assist her father in the con. However, she demands the shroud in return for disclosing his location. While wanting to accompany her on the quest, Celeste is willing to give her the shroud. The tracker on Wiley’s shoes was detected by their security, which is another reason Celeste says she was aware they were there to take the shroud. However, a tracker was never intended to be present there.

The Grail in front of the Sisters of the Coin is a fake, and the genuine one is in the ocean, in a whale, Father Hans tells Matilde at the conclusion of Mrs. Davis Episode 6. Since Hans’ original intent was to steal the Holy Grail, it’s possible that he put a tracker inside of it. But that still doesn’t explain why he kept this information a secret for so long. Perhaps this is a result of recent developments involving the Pope, as we saw in the fourth episode of the show. We won’t know till the upcoming episodes.

Final Thoughts

The sixth episode of Mrs. Davis focused heavily on guilt, which we believe to be one of the least useful emotions. Then there is Simone’s guilt, which has left her perplexed and experiencing a crisis of faith. Celeste’s remorse is making things harder for everyone. Matilde is another example; she never experienced any guilt or even love. We can’t tell much about what will happen, other than that it will be quite a spectacle to see how Simone intends to enter the whale’s stomach and out with the Holy Grail. We are merely waiting to see how far the lunacy goes.

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