‘Perry Mason’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Killed Brooks McCutcheon?

Perry and Pete were wet when they washed ashore in Perry Mason Season 2 Episode 7’s startling opening scene. It was unexpected that Pete would get together so soon after helping Tom Milligan in the previous episode. Pete initially thought that his only concern was making money, but he later came to understand that it was difficult to live with his conscience after betraying his friend. He knew he would never be able to share with Tom the closeness he had with Perry, so he made the decision to be honest in order to win back their friendship. Perry’s (long overdue) rage was predictable; he never imagined Pete would oppose him, and the fact that he had doubts about everyone else, notably Ginny Aimes, made matters worse. After engaging in adult-like conflict, Perry invited Pete to help pull the McCutcheon down.

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What Did Pete And Perry Find In The McCutcheon Ship?

Perry, Pete, and Holcomb’s reunion this season was yet another unexpected event. Who would have imagined that after the first season, the three would be playing together? They found it strange that the apparently all-produce McCutcheon ship was being stormed by federal government agents. Although the ship was bound for Japan, it was clear that the produce had been discarded nearby. To learn what the McCutcheons were keeping secret, Pete and Perry boarded the ship. The ship hauled sooner than anticipated, and the produce was dumped into the water as the oil-loading pipes from another boat were attached. Undoubtedly, the oil was transported illegally to Japan, but why? Marion Kang, Mason’s secretary, gave this explanation. She thought that perhaps the McCutcheons were giving Japan oil for military use as they invaded China. Because the League of Nations had imposed a restriction on commerce and business with Japan, McCutcheon decided to take the circuitous path.

Although Brooks McCutcheon wasn’t in the oil business, he had started trading the fruits and vegetables that his father had thrown out on the illicit market. He and Charlie Goldstein were summoned after the federal government became interested in his company. Although a grand jury had formally asked them to testify, neither of them made it to court before they were assassinated. Perry came to the conclusion that Lydell killed his son in order to safeguard his financial interests. It only made sense for Brooks to avoid the trouble because his illicit oil transaction would have been exposed by his black market produce.

Who Was In The Blue Car?

Paul has been watching the corner street for a few days, but the blue automobile has not been spotted. He was worn out when Clara rescued him. He hasn’t spent much time with his family since the assignment. After the unpleasant interview with Ozzie Jackson, he was overcome with remorse, which made it harder for him to concentrate on his loved ones. Clara promised to keep an eye on the street for him while he unwinded, which somewhat comforted Paul. Clara assisted Paul in letting a little bit of tension out as evidenced by their talk in the car. She had been there for him through the good times and the bad, and despite the recent events being difficult for her, she offered her assistance. The blue automobile eventually pulled in after days of waiting; Clara was unquestionably Paul’s lucky charm.

The blue automobile stopped at a white neighborhood, and the two followed it. She was aware of the potential for hostility should Paul go outside and knock on a white man’s door. Instead, she made the decision to complete the task. When she got inside, she discovered a woman on the sofa with a needle in her arm. She confused Clara for someone else while she was drunk. The woman had a seizure and fell on the sofa as she attempted to stand up straight. Clara spotted a man enter the house and immediately ran for cover. While Clara snuck out with a letter addressed to them, the distraught husband clutched his wife in his arms. The man in question was Melville Phippsy Phipps, Camilla Nygaard’s attorney. In light of this, Phippsy was the one who paid the Gallardo brothers to kill Brooks McCutcheon and then got in touch with Ozzie Jackson.

Who Was Following Della Street?

After her brief but important talk with Hamilton Burger, Della understood that the stakes were bigger than she had anticipated. When he began to avoid her, she sensed there was a serious problem, and the fact that he accepted a plea offer after initially opposing one made her even more suspicious. Hamilton admitted to having been subjected to blackmail using images of himself in a sexually explicit relationship with a man. Someone obviously did not want Perry and his team to look into the situation in-depth and pressured Burger with the images to take a plea deal and halt the trial, but it did not work out well. He counseled Della to drop the matter and let the federal government conduct an investigation. She learned at that point that Brooks McCutcheon had been the subject of a federal inquiry prior to his passing.

The fact that Brooks and Charlie’s business dealings were kept from the Feds is what got their notice. She was able to learn that Charlie Goldstein and Brooks were both subpoenaed and slain before they could give testimony after getting in touch with the Department of Agriculture employee who was handling the matter. Mr. Denning was more than eager to assist Della in gaining access to the private documents, but the department was not pleased. When Della was asked to leave, she felt uneasy because she thought someone was watching her. The man who had been following Della all along ended up working for Camilla Nygaard, as it turned out.

Episode 7 Ending Explained: Who Killed Brooks McCutcheon?

Brooks was to leave the nation and live in Havana for however long Lydell McCutcheon deemed necessary. He was attempting to protect his son by telling him to leave because the sudden attention of the Feds was bad for the oil business. However, Brooks defied his father’s commands and did not comply. Although he was aware that undertaking charitable work would draw attention to his father’s business, he was certain that the Feds would not severely punish him for it. He refused to go because he was not the one who made a mistake, and in the end, that choice led to his death. As soon as Perry figured out the mystery, he faced Lydell, but it turns out there was more to the story.

Although Lydell never intended for his kid to be slain, there was someone else who was just concerned with the money. Together with Lydell McCutcheon, Camilla Nygaard worked in the company, and Camilla was the one who took the required precautions to save herself. Camilla suggested that they establish their own operations in Japan during a recent discussion with the Japanese, taking into account the fact that the restrictions will only get harsher over time. Lydell was irritated by Camilla’s cool demeanor and worried that their damaged relationship would have an adverse effect on their transaction with the Japanese. It will be clear that Phippsy followed Camilla’s directions as Perry and his group already know that Phippsy was in charge of hiring the Gallardo brothers. She was undoubtedly aware of his wife’s condition, and she may have taken use of it to influence Phippsy for her own benefit. Additionally, Della was on her mind, and she had amassed sufficient proof to use against her in order to blackmail her into joining the cause. She needed someone similarly weak and dependable to carry out the assignment since she was concerned that Phippsy was finding it difficult to handle everything.

One of the most important mysteries in the case is resolved in episode 7’s conclusion: who was the murderer? Instead of Lydell, Camilla Nygaard was to blame for the commotion. Nobody could have suspected her of planning the murder because of her cool demeanor. But now that she knows Perry and his team have discovered the truth, she will use every force at her disposal to prevent them from filing a lawsuit. Will Lydell and Camilla accept a less favorable plea agreement? And maybe more crucially, will Perry drop the case after discovering the truth?

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