‘Rabbit Hole’ Ending, Explained: Is Crowley Alive? What Can We Expect From Season 2?

After watching Rabbit Hole’s Season 1 finale, we must talk about how gradually disappointing the show has been. What began as a compelling narrative soon devolved into cliched scare mongering. The few plot twists and turns that are included didn’t really contribute much to the story because, aside from the element of surprise, we recognized that nothing was truly at risk for it to matter. Like the revelation that the woman we had assumed to be John’s wife was actually a decoy that John had kept around for circumstances similar to the one she was in. Just consider turning being a decoy into a profession. After wanting to be a trophy wife, that joke may be the internet’s second best. Hailey was the next. She did nothing to advance the story other than to meet the requirement for diversity. The focus of this episode, though, is Crowley, his motivations, and ultimately, whether we believe he has a future or not, thanks to the climactic twist in Episode 8 that signals the arrival of Rabbit Hole Season 2.

Warning: Spoilers

What Is John And Ben s Mission?

Prior until lately, Miles Valence and John and Ben were cooperating to thwart Crowley’s attempt to rule the globe by tampering with the data that people consume. John and Valence used to operate in the same data industry, but they did it for private clients and the vast majority of corporate clients rather than for such expansive political goals. However, when Ben reappears in John’s life, everything changes. He is John’s father, and up to that point John had thought he was gone. But in order to keep his family safe, John had to pose as dead so that he could continue seeking for Crowley and thwart his schemes. After all these years, he still shows up because he needs John and Valence’s assistance to complete it. Crowley was currently pressuring Senator Nora Evers to support the Data Act, which would permit commercial companies to access people’s personal information. However, Crowley killed Nora Evers while making it appear as though her critics were responsible. The act’s rising popularity led to the realization of Crowley’s aim.

What Did Crowley Want?

Ben claims that Crowley wants something akin to a caste system in America, which is why the Nora Evers Act was passed into law. In order to build a white supremacist reality for the nation and, eventually, the entire planet, he intends to exploit statistics. at all honesty, we found it a little difficult to accept that a man who is proficient at data manipulation has the narrow perspective of a bigot. Ben recalled Crowley making a comment about individuals knowing their position. We think he was referring to intellect when he said that. Crowley claimed in Rabbit Hole Episode 7 that they were superior than their employers since they genuinely knew how to carry out the work. This indicates that Crowley is a person who appreciates power and has dedicated his entire life to obtaining it. Crowley would seek to establish himself as the world’s supreme leader, which would entail using any methods required to succeed. But as we continue along this line of thought, we start to see what Ben meant by Crowley’s racism. Structures like colorism, casteism, misogyny, and racism are all upheld in order to preserve the hierarchy of power. Whether or not Crowley personally believes in them, he may nonetheless employ them in order to achieve his goals. These unjust power structures are a fantastic method to divide and govern in a world that still primarily sees itself as us versus them. Although Crowley may not be a bigot, he is seeking a society where he is in control rather than an ideal one. No matter the collateral damage, as long as he prevails, he will utilize this to achieve his goals.

What Is The Role Of Edward Homm?

The first season of Rabbit Hole’s events all began with Edward Homm. The order to kill him was given to John and his crew, but he was unable to comply since he needed Edward to complete the next step of his strategy to reach Crowley. But it was this endeavor that caused John’s life to collapse. Crowley wanted John killed, but Valence was unable to allow this to happen, so he killed himself to protect John. Additionally, it was the day that Kyle, an intern that Crowley had placed in John’s office, caused John to lose his team. Now that the Data Act had been passed and Crowley was literally dictating what the public thought, John could make things right by reintroducing Edward Homm to the public eye. John was in a position where he had to completely destroy Crowley if he ever hoped for a normal life for himself. The conspiracy theorist Morgan Shaw’s podcast, which claimed that Edward Homm was always alive, had been fed by John and Ben.

The father-and-son team had always planned for this eventuality. But Crowley will use every effort to prevent this from happening. He even goes so far as to kidnap Liv and Ben, who he thinks are John’s ex-wives. Crowley contacts a few members of the news crew while Edward is at the broadcast station and uses extortion to get them to stop the broadcast. To prevent Edward Homm from speaking, he even deploys a phony Department of Justice team. In case everything else fails, Kyle is there to shoot Edward Homm. The fact that the phony Liv is a skilled fighter who frees herself and defeats Crowley’s entire crew, however, cannot truly be made up for. That enables Ben to carry out his lifelong fantasy of killing him by gunshot. Kyle, who is listening to everything, decides that killing Edward is no longer necessary and departs. When the broadcast is made, Edward Homm is made public.

Rabbit Hole Ending Explained: Did Crowley Really Die?

At the conclusion of Rabbit Hole, Ben shoots Crowley—or the one he believes to be Crowley—but notices a listening device in his ear, indicating that someone is directing his actions. Keep in mind that Ben and Crowley were coworkers for years, thus they must be able to recognize each other’s faces. Two scenarios, however, are made possible by the earpiece: either this is not the genuine Crowley, or Crowley was not the kingpin after all. Let’s say that Ben did not recognize the individual in the first scenario. Much like Phil Burke, who played the youthful Ben Weir, and Charles Dance, who played the older Ben Weir, his visage changed dramatically over the years. Other hypotheses include plastic surgery, a clone, or a hidden twin.

Like John had set up a fake version of his ex-wife, Crowley might have desired a decoy of himself. The look on Ben’s face when he takes the listening device and asks who is on the other end of it gives us the impression that he is familiar with the individual. How could I have missed this was the look on her face. Alternatively, it might have been a sign of frustration about the ongoing conflict. This would likewise be true if the caller turned out to be Crowley’s superior. The identity of the individual will be revealed in Rabbit Hole Season 2, but we still think that Ben knows them. We also have a sneaking hunch that Kyle is in contact with the real boss and not the fake boss who is deceased. That would account for his beaming smile as he departed the newsroom.

What Can We Expect From Season 2?

A renewed hunt for Crowley would be the main plot thread. One of the storylines might involve John knowing that the person Ben killed wasn’t the real Crowley or that there was a bigger boss to track down but keeping it a secret from his father due to their mutual distrust. Then there are Jo Madi and Hailey to think about. We can comprehend Hailey’s contact with Rasche in Rabbit Hole Episode 7 if she is telling the truth and provided Madi with information against her former boss. Jo will relinquish control of the John Weir case inquiry in exchange for the information Rasche will follow. Otherwise, since nobody is exactly what they seem to be, we can presume that Jo Madi is involved in the whole Crowley situation. The same is true with Hailey. It doesn’t make sense why she chose to be with John and why she later fell in love with him. She fell in love with what, exactly? His paranoia, insomnia, or problems with father-son trust? She is either a Crowley plant or has really dubious taste in men. But if she is innocent, that exposes yet another area of John’s vulnerability that the true boss will look to take advantage of in Season 2.

The first season of Rabbit Hole focused on how statistics can be used to sway public perceptions and, ultimately, determine who has the greatest influence. More characters from Season 2 will continue to deftly double-bluff their way through episodes in order to finally take down Crowley, the man in charge of everything. We can only hope that the upcoming season will be more substantial than this one and fulfill its promises.

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