‘Rabbit Hole’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Valence Betray John? What Happened To John’s Team?

We were reminded of Race 3, an Indian film that took itself so seriously that the audience refused to, when we watched Episode 5 of Rabbit Hole. The huge discovery was not as impressive as the producers would have us believe, but this episode was largely about going in circles. In fact, we contend that this episode didn’t advance the story in any way. The episode may have been avoided if the producers had simply stated that the intern, who was initially suspected, was guilty for blowing up the office. Although Rabbit Hole has been nearly faultless thus far, tunnel vision may influence even the best of the bunch, and an idea that seems great on paper may not turn out to be all that great in practice. Maybe this is just a strange season-long episode. This is how Rabbit Hole Episode 5 unfolds, in either case.

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Who Was The Last Person To Call Miles Valence?

John informed everyone that his squad was still alive at the end of Episode 4. It turns out that John had always intended for them to pose as dead. He had made arrangements for cadavers to replace them and removed his members’ teeth and hair in order to collect DNA proof. They were supposed to hide from Crowley for a while while living under false names because if he found them, he would try to harm their families as well. He had just started something that involved all three of his members. One had acquired a large quantity of wine, another had secured a lease, and the third had made some new friends. They have a week to handle their business at this point. John informed his team that the intern was a plant from the start as he was aware of it. They didn’t know if he was employed by Crowley or the FBI, but they regarded him as being inoffensive. This goes against Ben’s operating philosophy, which prioritizes eliminating all uncertain variables. John, however, declined to kill Kyle.

John is fixated on discovering who called Valence the last in the present. Valence had been on the phone with someone when he fell to his death. John thinks the individual might be connected to Valence’s suicide. Hailey approaches him as he is frantically attempting to phone every number he has discovered from the communications data. She offers him some counseling and apologizes for keeping her theft from him. Even though it was a professional obligation, John’s decision to cut off all communication with Valence when their firms parted ways for the sake of their goal had a profound impact on him because he had no one else to turn to. During the first and second episodes of Rabbit Hole, we initially speculated that Hailey may serve as the show’s comic relief. She turns out to be only John’s tagalong who brings out his gentler side by persuading him to believe her 80% of the time.

Edward Homm has completed some of his own work, and he provides John with further information regarding gettugether.com. He discovers that the Intraverse media gives generously to every conceivable group, even those with a left- or right-leaning, centrist, or even ecological perspective. It takes him some time to find something helpful in it, but eventually he strikes gold. Instead of following the donations made by the organization, he followed the contributions made by the individual CEOs and discovered that they all went to the America SOS Committee, a single PAC. Only Senator Nora Evers of New Jersey received contributions from this PAC, which suggests that she had immediate plans to run for president. She was the one Crowley set up to be his puppet in authority. Homm has only begun to spread this knowledge when they are assaulted. Homm is shot and temporarily deaf as they just manage to flee. Ben informs John that Valence must have sold them out when he tries to find out how they were located once they are safe.

On these points, the father and son do not agree. Ben doesn’t believe Valence preserved their secrets, and he opposes John’s squad joining since he believes there will be too many people. John, though, insists on getting things done his way. He keeps looking for the number that last called Valence in their new safe place. Hailey stops by while he is still thinking about that to talk. She explains to him that although she had initially stayed with him for protection, she was now doing it out of a sense of attachment. We think that’s suspicious, especially when she advises him not to take his father’s advice too literally. If she turns out to be connected to Crowley after all, we wouldn’t be shocked.

John eventually realizes that Ben was the last person to call Valence when she is out doing chores. He rushes to see that his dad’s phone is there after hearing the ringtone. Before John can confront his father about it, they learn that they have been caught again, which makes him furious. Ben begins giving him the truth as they flee.

Jo Madi s Investigation

Jo Madi has always believed that there is more to the story than Rasche is prepared to accept. Rasche doesn’t agree, but Jo resolves to meet Liv, John’s ex-wife. Liv agrees to purchase it after she makes it appear as though her daughter is selling something. Jo Madi seizes the opportunity to enter the home and notices a bottle of wine that she believes she has seen before. She also uses the restroom while reflecting. She recalls that Cara, one of John’s staff, brings the wine when she left the house. Jo wonders why Cara would give away her wine a week before she passed away. Rasche hears her say the same thing, but he ignores her. Jo is notified by Anna that Cara’s mobile phone received a call from a burner phone. When Jo requests to track Cara’s phone, the location of John’s office is revealed.

Rabbit Hole Episode 5 Ending Explained: What Happened To John s Team? Did Valence Betray John?

Ben explains to John at the conclusion of Rabbit Hole Episode 5 that he withheld the information from him since John did not believe in him. Ben explains to John that he had followed Kyle because he had been unable to get rid of his concerns about him. He had learned that Kyle was an aggressive partner and that, based on the way he was acting, he struggled with control. Ben most likely concluded that it didn’t matter, but it turns out that Kyle had learned he was being watched. Ben had been stabbed by him, and if others hadn’t intervened, he probably would have killed him.

Kyle called someone after leaving the site and admitted that his cover had been blown. He is instructed to erase his tracks. Kyle returns to the office, kills the members, and then throws them into the elevator shaft. Before he can react, the place explodes as he returns and observes the preparations for the explosion. Ben saw that firsthand, which is why he opposed John’s squad joining them. In order to maintain his focus, he did not want his son to experience heartbreak. Because Valence had instructed Ben to tell John that he had no choice when he had phoned him, Ben was aware that Valence had betrayed them. This explains Ben’s actions at the time.

Valence may have betrayed John, but perhaps he also left him with some hints that could help him avoid disaster. The four of them realize that their current location is being tracked since the whiskey they took contained a tracking chip. They get rid of it and search for another hidden location where they can feel comfortable. Jo, meantime, discovered the bodies inside the structure.

Final Thoughts

We were quite discouraged by the course of events. It is heartbreaking to believe that John had a secret weapon only for it to result in a sad disclosure of the truth. John and Ben also need to improve their communication. We believe that the squad might still be alive today if he hadn’t followed Kyle. Despite how bizarre Rabbit Hole Episode 5 was, it was amusing enough, and we eagerly anticipate Episode 6.

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