‘Rough Diamonds’ Season 2 Theories: What We Can Expect?

Noah has more enemies towards the end of Rough Diamonds Season 1 than he and his family did at the start of the show. All the illicit ventures, plans, and dealings that consistently put his family and his son in danger were things Noah had wished to leave behind. He had previously disclosed to Kerra that neither he nor Tommy’s mother, Joanna, desired this for their son or daughter. Even Noah’s family would have supported him if he had brought up this plan, as Kerra had agreed with it. Although Noah was well-prepared to wrap up all the loose ends, he failed to account for the possibility that the Albanian mafia would be using a police officer as an informant. All of his goals were derailed by this, and he was had to give up Kerra in order to safeguard himself and his family. Matthias must have been mentioned by either Kerra or Noah, as he turned state witness and was assassinated by the mafia as a result.

It’s probable that the information Jo Smets received, which initially brought her to the gems, was rooted out by the source. Wolfson’s half of the diamonds is still in the possession of the Albanian mafia, and if they find out that Noah deceived them, not only will he and his family never see the jewels, but they would also pay a higher price going ahead. As for the other adversary, Kerra must have realized that Noah was responsible for her incarceration. He is Tommy’s father, so she wouldn’t let this go away that simply, but she also can’t ignore that truth. Before taking Noah’s son Tommy as revenge, Kerra could desire to do so. She might also force Noah to do as she has always desired and come back to South London to work for her. Although she had given her consent for Noah to leave this existence, his betrayal has made that impossible. However, Noah must contend with internal foes as well. Adina appears to desire to distance herself from the business’s affairs. Eli is accepting the idea that he might not be able to successfully run a business. That puts Noah in charge of the situation. But this is precisely what he fled from all those years ago.

Just the tip of the iceberg exists in the diamond industry. Accepting it would require Noah to reintegrate himself into a way of life he did not particularly value. Would he be able to maintain a separation between his career and his faith, especially in a professional environment where Jewish values are so deeply held? Even so, does he intend to do that? The faith of his son is another issue. Although Noah is allowing Tommy to acquire his own opinions, Tommy’s attitude against the Jewish faith and its community may require Noah to talk to his son. Kerra insists that he is a McCabe. Tommy is free to practice Judaism, but Noah may or may not participate in many of the community’s traditions because they are dependent on family. How could he tell his kid why he no longer practices religion without influencing Tommy’s perception of the world?

Gila is another issue to consider. She made the right decision by deciding to wed Yehuda rather than depart with Noah. She was aware that Noah would only become more and more involved with his family and that he would decide to go to Antwerp to be with them. Gila would have to deal with a level of shame if she married him from which she could never recover. Her life would be even more limited as a result of this shame. She would at least be permitted to pursue her passion if and when she ever discovered it if she were with Yehuda. She was able to become friends with him, and that seemed to be sufficient for her. But it appears to us that she is also experiencing significant emotions. She and Noah might still be at odds, and they might even start an affair. Or perhaps, Yehuda might sense the tenseness and opt to release her.

There is also Marie’s situation. She may not yet be finished, in my opinion. What if she finds out that Noah planned the crime by unfairly taking advantage of their closeness? She wouldn’t forgive him, and it might influence the choices she makes in opposition to him. Eli comes next. Everyone believed that he might be about to terminate his life around the end of the season. Even if that did not occur, the recent events have made him reevaluate his position within the family and the company. He is not the ideal candidate to lead it, and all the Wolfsons and he have stood for for so long is about to fall. Eli’s depression is getting worse, and the second season might see him dealing with it more.

Throughout the eight episodes, Adina was merely a presence. But if you look at it, she actually has a pretty compelling tale to share. She is a trustworthy individual who excels at what she does. To be allowed to work, she has had to battle her entire family. She was the one who saved the family numerous times over the season. If there is a second season, we would like to see more of her challenges and her viewpoint on things. The issue is that Season 2 of Rough Diamonds doesn’t have to be as long as Season 1. It is sufficient to have simply 5 or 6 episodes of a compelling story. The characters also need to be engaging if the writers want the viewers to stick around for the entire 6 hour runtime of anything. Noah had the potential, but this was overlooked in the Season 1 synopsis. He would need to be a little bit more observant if he wanted to lead Season 2 as he did Season 1 so that we might learn more about his psychology and his past. That would be a big improvement that would entice us to return to our screens for Rough Diamonds’ final story.

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