Should Devi Be Team Paxton Or Team Ben In ‘Never Have I Ever’? [Spoilers]

The Never Have I Ever fandom has been split into two groups since the beginning: Team Paxton and Team Ben. Although we already have a predisposition, we will attempt to remain objective and determine whether Devi made the right decision.By the end of Never Have I Ever Season 4, Devi decides to date Ben while remaining close to Paxton. That was smart, in our opinion, but perhaps not for others who wanted to see her with someone else. Devi is brave, and that’s the thing about her. She might not have been in a relationship with Paxton or even met Ben with the offer to stay the night if she had the bravery to make the first move. One person, though, was preferable to the other for a reason.

Paxton was the ultimate crush—a handsome, sexy guy who made it irrelevant that he didn’t have everything going for him. What else is crucial for a youthful girl of 15? When it came to their shared belief in the hierarchy of coolness, Paxton and Devi were extremely comparable. While Devi experienced such low self-esteem because she was at the bottom of the food chain, this gave Paxton confidence because he was at the top of the food chain. Devi might not have liked Paxton at all if she had not believed in that hierarchy. Devi got butterflies in her stomach, but only because of the fiction she had created around the man. He wasn’t particularly unique. We kind of appreciate the fact that she dated him. Whatever you may think, every nerd needs to cross a hot guy off her dating bucket list at least once. Devi needed to date Paxton because she needed the fantasy to vanish and for her to gain a broader perspective on the situation. He was not ideal for her for other reasons as well, though. Paton and Devi had absolutely nothing in common. What else did they do together besides watch Tik Toks when they first started dating in Season 3? It was simple to suppose that Devi asked him why he chose to date her when it made no sense because of her own lack of confidence. It’s crucial to remember, though, that there were no obstacles in the way of that conclusion.

Imagine a Paxton with Ben’s personality so that we may better illustrate our thesis. Devi wouldn’t feel as like she could converse with him for hours, enjoy their banter, and simply learn what motivates him. Devi wouldn’t have come to the conclusion that the girls’ remarks about her not deserving Paxton were absurd if he had had Ben’s demeanor since she felt an actual connection to Paxton. But in truth, Devi understood that because of her insistence, Paxton had probably dated her. He began dating Devi in Season 1 after his sister called him out for having illogical ideas about why she wasn’t cool. We will never forget how horribly he treated her in Season 2, treating her like a moron for wanting to make their love known to the world. It made no difference that he arrived later or that Devi and Paxton were in a setting where they could linger around without awkwardness. They just did not share any interests, and they would have split up for some other reason if Devi’s self-esteem had not prevented it.

Ben comes next. It makes sense in a way that Devi has a tale of enemies-turned-lovers for herself. It much better fits her personality. Additionally, it makes sense because Ben had always supported Devi in a way that Paxton could only dream. Ben actually stood up for Devi when she was misbehaving just before her father’s ashes were to be scattered into the sea. If you stop to think about it, he was under no obligation to act. He may have allowed her to remain at his house out of friendship, but he went above and beyond by helping her reconcile with her friends and even driving her to the ceremony. When Eleanor and Fabiola claimed that anyone else would have made the same decision, they were mistaken.

Ben was angry with Devi in Season 2, but he set his feelings aside to support her when she needed it. He never changed his love for her, and they were still quite strong in Season 3. In the Season 3 theater episode, when they were betting on who would be able to kiss someone first, Ben held back even though he had a chance since he was focused on Devi. When he realized Devi had found a partner for herself, he decided to proceed with a girl. Because of this, it slightly hurt our hearts when he did not start dating Devi right away in Season 4 of Never Have I Ever. Honestly, we can kind of see his argument. Devi and he frequently fought and failed to make eye contact.

What’s to say that their rivalry, which they had fostered for the majority of their school careers, wouldn’t interfere with their love for one another? Ben understood, however, that they were capable of supporting one another when he was able to get past all of that and be there for her when she was unhappy over the college admissions, and she was able to step up for him when he needed assistance in front of his college representative. Even if we suppose that Ben was mistaken about everything, Devi would never feel humiliated by him, unlike Margot, yet the heart desires what the heart desires. He knew that if he did not give their relationship a fair shot, he would regret it forever. There is no telling whether they will or will not break up in the future. But if they had not taken this shot, they would have never gotten over each other. Since Day 1, our loyalties have been with Team Ben. It was evident that he was end-game material, and we are glad that Devi felt the same way.

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