‘Silo’ Episode 3 Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Mayor Ruth Dead Or Alive?

As we enter the third episode of the dystopian drama Silo, we are given access to the minutiae and tensions of this world through the perspectives of numerous characters. Juliette Nichols was caught between wanting to unravel the mystery surrounding her partner George Wilkins’ death and being aware of the dangers of venturing into the unknown. She had the impression that she feared the water and didn’t know what was inside of it. Juliette was curious as to why George Wilkins was fixated on a door that was concealed beneath the water and what was beyond it after he had informed her of its existence. Juliette kept the note George had left for her, and she kept staring at it as though she were expecting it to talk and start answering her questions. She was reminded that she needed to finish the task that George had begun. George was naturally curious, while Juliette was content with her machinery and didn’t care what was outside as long as her loved ones were nearby. However, George’s passing had altered her, and she now felt motivated to learn the truth and reveal the Silo’s sinister secrets.

Juliette had already decided to enter the water when we last saw her in the previous episode. She seized the ropes and down, but she was unable to enter the ocean since her worries overcame her at the last second. Because Juliette was disappointed in herself, she vented her fury and wrath on Martha. Juliette wished she could forget and lose awareness of everything going on around her. She was having trouble accepting reality, which was troubling her. She drank too much and the next morning had a severe hangover. The generator, which powered the entire Silo, was experiencing some problems, and Juliette sprung to action to learn what had happened. The manager of the Mechanical section, Knox, had Cooper go to the generator to investigate the issue. Cooper received a blow from Juliette as she pleaded with him to back off and let her handle the problem. After the issue was momentarily resolved, Knox requested Juliette to take the day off and return to him after she had a little bit of alcohol in her system and was able to think clearly and engage in discussion.

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What Does Mayor Ruth Get To Know About Juliette?

Mayor Ruth Jahns was interested in learning more about Juliette, so she and Deputy Marnes set out to locate her acquaintances and ask them about her. The mayor hoped that after learning more about her, she would get why Holston had selected her to succeed him as sheriff. Sheriff Holston made the bizarre choice to appoint Juliette as the new sheriff, according to deputy Marnes, who believed that he was in a confused mental state during his final days in Silo. Mayor Ruth, on the other hand, had faith in Holston and was aware that he would have recognized qualities in Juliette that would have persuaded him that she would make a fantastic sheriff. Tim Robbins, who had information and statistics on every single person living in the Silo, was waiting for Mayor Ruth when she went to the IT division. He informed Ruth that Juliette was not to be trusted because she had previously taken some of his tapes. Ruth and Marnes went to see Dr. Pete Nicols, Juliette’s father, to ask him questions about Juliette’s upbringing and the reasons she decided to become an engineer. When Pete was questioned about his daughter, it was clear that he was uncomfortable. We knew he was keeping something from the mayor and deputy because he hadn’t seen her in a while. Ruth was informed by Dr. Pete that Juliette had a lifelong fascination with machinery and found great delight in being able to repair things. Juliette sought refuge in mending machinery and used them as a way to vent her frustration and disappointment because she realized that, as of today, she couldn’t heal the damaged world. On their route, Ruth and Marnes also ran with Sims from the Judicial Division. Ruth was definitely not persuaded by Sims’ claim that Paul Billings was the best candidate to be the county’s next sheriff. Ruth and the Judicial had never gotten along because of all the disagreements they had. Ruth didn’t appreciate having people tell her how to do her job, and the judiciary had a habit of looking into every single case and frequently straying outside of their purview in the course of their daily operations. As Juliette was close to her, Mayor Ruth also got to see her old acquaintance Martha. In Episode 3, Ruth finally got the chance to meet Juliete and learned firsthand who she was and what she was capable of. Ruth was moved by Juliette’s fortitude, tenacity, and bravery, and she was confident that Holston had, as usual, made the correct decision.

Does Juliette Become The Sheriff?

The engineers managed to keep the generator going despite the fact that it had been malfunctioning. Before it was too late, Juliette realized they needed to stop it and fix it. Knox didn’t want to be the first Mechanical head under whose watch this disaster occurred because the generator had never been stopped in Silo’s history. But Juliette warned him that if they did not fix the generator, they may lose power permanently. Mayor Ruth arrived with her offer in the meanwhile, but Juliette told her straight away that she wasn’t sure she would be able to handle the responsibility and was skeptical about the whole sheriff thing. Hank discovered something etched on the back of the batch of Sheriff Holston that Ruth had given to Juliette as she and Marnes exited the Mechanical section. Although the writing on it is not revealed, it was sufficient to persuade Juliette to accept Ruth’s offer and take Ruth’s place as the next Sheriff of Silo. Ruth was informed by Juliette that she only had one stipulation: Ruth had to give her permission to shut off the generator and attempt to fix it. When Ruth consented, it was announced that there would be an 8-hour power outage the following day. Because they had never experienced such a situation before, the Silo residents were terrified.

Although at one point it seemed like they were going to fail and the generator would blow up, Juliette, Cooper, Knox, and all the other engineers in the Mechanical division risked their lives in order to repair the generator. Cooper had a little more time to replace the generator’s blade as Juliette nearly perished as she walked to the containment chamber’s aperture and sprayed water on it to lower the temperature. Knox was aware that Juliette was the only one who could have pulled it off and that he would miss both her presence and her knowledge at the Mechanical division. Unaware of the future issues she would have to deal with, Juliette completed all the requirements and assumed the role of sheriff.

Is Mayor Ruth Dead Or Alive?

In episode 3, we learned that Mayor Ruth and Deputy Marnes had been romantically involved for a very long period. It was one of those love stories where destiny had split them apart, but thankfully life had given them another chance. For the first time in her life, Mayor Ruth really pondered the idea of stepping down from her position and handing the reigns to someone else because she felt so secure in Juliette. Although he adored Ruth, Deputy Marnes never confessed his feelings for her. When the lights went out, the two had a private moment and made a commitment to support one another all the way through. Mayor Ruth went to the bathroom at the end of Silo Episode 3 after feeling a little queasy and instructing Marnes to open a bottle of wine. Marnes understood that Ruth had been injured when she heard a loud thud. Ruth was lying on the floor with blood gushing from her mouth when he entered the bathroom after picking the lock. Ruth’s appearance gave off the impression that she had been poisoned, but Episode 3 keeps us in the dark about what actually happened to her.

In the following episodes, Marnes will have a new mystery to solve because we think Ruth won’t be able to recover from whatever happened to her. Marnes had just declared his love and begun to daydream about a wonderful future with her, therefore it was the most agonizing and depressing place for him to be in. Marnes came to see how erratic life was and how it only took a split second to upend everything. When she was getting about to leave the Mechanical section for good, the newly appointed Sheriff Juliette had no idea what had transpired, and it was obvious that she wouldn’t be equipped to manage such a complicated case. Inside the Silo, things were about to change, and how the two factions, who were now at odds with one another, acted would determine what would happen to the occupants. Sims, the chief of the judicial division, and Tim Robbins, the head of information technology, were obviously opposed to Juliette being sheriff and would go to great lengths to have her removed from office. In the upcoming episodes, we’ll find out how Juliette plays her cards, how she handles the Silo’s internal politics, and—most importantly—whether she can withstand the pressure or gives in to it.

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