‘Sweet Tooth’ Gertrude “Birdie” Miller, Explained: Did Gus’ Mother Create The First Hybrids?

In post-apocalyptic dramas, scientists are either portrayed as megalomaniacs who attempt to defy natural laws and who, as a result of their obsession with making a discovery, end up destroying the world, or they take on the role as the world’s saviors, toiling away in secret to bring about the world’s balance. In Sweet Tooth, Dr. Gertrude Birdie Miller initially only wanted to extend people’s lives, but as her journey progressed, she became aware of the harm she had caused and attempted to atone for it by sacrificing her life for the benefit of humanity.

Warning: Spoilers

Under the direction of Dr. Gillian Washington, the medical center where she worked, Fort Smith, had started an ambitious experiment to determine whether or not the world might be free of diseases and whether or not people could never get sick. Dr. James Thacker, Gillian’s great-grandfather, had traveled to Alaska after learning of a native group that had accomplished the same accomplishment, and it was he who had given Gillian the idea. Dr. Thacker sought treatment for his degenerative muscle issue since he was aware that it might be genetically passed along to his future descendants. James Thacker disappeared after arriving in Alaska, and as a result, no one continued to investigate if we could extend human life expectancy or create a world free of disease. Years later, Gillian was curious to see if her great-grandfather’s theories were accurate. The principal researcher on the Midnight Sun project was Gertrude Miller. She had been to Alaska with her team to gather samples of both plants and animals. They had made an incredible finding as a result of their investigation: they had discovered a rare species of bacterium in the ice cores. Dr. Miller thought that these bacteria, which were not present anywhere else on the planet, held the secret to realizing their ideal of a world free of disease.

How Did Gertrude Miller Create The First Hybrids?

When the bacteria from beneath the earth’s surface were injected inside chicken eggs, the outcomes were beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. These bacteria altered the chicken’s immune system, and the research team felt certain that people could also be subjected to a similar effect. Gillian Washington wanted to arrive as soon as possible, but there was still a long way to go before human trials could be carried out. Similar to what we hear when a child is in its mother’s womb, Dr. Miller heard a heartbeat in one of the eggs. Gus, the first hybrid, was made in this manner, and it somehow sidetracked the entire research for which Dr. Gillian had originally started Project Midnight Sun in Sweet Tooth.

Gertrude Miller became so enthralled with the unintended creation that she gave up trying to advance their cause. Gillian wanted Miller to concentrate on studying Gus and his biology because she thought it may benefit their cause. When Dr. Miller took the baby into her arms, she found herself acting on maternal instincts for him because she felt responsible for the child. Gus would be viewed as merely a participant in medical study, and the scientist wouldn’t even flinch before sacrificing his life to clear up the mysteries of nature, according to Dr. Miller. She therefore made sure that Gus was transported to a secret area where no scientist could discover him after the infection spread and people started dying. Surprisingly, she had only recently met the one man she knew well enough to be able to trust. In the same research facility, Richard was a janitor and had grown fond of Gertrude Miller. One time they had met in a bar and had fallen in love right away. Richard was urged by Dr. Miller to bring Gus along, and despite his initial reluctance, he eventually agreed and pledged to treat Gus like his own kid. Gus may have been produced in a laboratory, but those who took on the duty to keep him safe loved him more than any parent could ever hope to.

Will Gertrude Miller Make A Breakthrough In Sweet Tooth Season 3?

When Gillian Washington contacted Gertrude Miller after the breakout, she persuaded her that she should expose the location of Gus’s hiding place so that humanity could be spared the wrath of the terrible virus. Gillian self-injected herself in order to observe the effects of the germs on a human body. To undertake human studies, Gillian didn’t wait for the required authorization because she had grown impatient. Gus, in Gillian’s opinion, has the secret to halting the pandemic and extending human life. Gertrude Miller, however, was convinced that there had to be an alternative, and after discovering James Thacker’s relationship to Gillian Washington and studying about him, she made the decision to travel to Alaska in pursuit of information.

Dr. Miller had been away from the scene for more than ten years, but up to the conclusion of Sweet Tooth Season 2, she had not succeeded in discovering a treatment. Gus needed to understand that Gertrude Miller hadn’t abandoned him and that she did feel responsibility for him, just like any mother would. She left Gus a cassette outlining her reasons for leaving him in order to help him comprehend why she made the decision to do so. Gus’s life would be in risk if Dr. Miller stayed with him, and sooner or later the authorities would seize him for use in medical research.

Although Dr. Gertrude Miller would be in charge of saving the world and finding a cure in Sweet Tooth Season 3, we think that she would benefit greatly from Dr. Aditya and the research that he had been preoccupied with ever since his wife contracted the virus. We think Dr. Miller would have thought she was very close to finding such answers, which is probably why she had stayed in the Alaskan region for so long. We believe she would have already made some ground-breaking discoveries and was just holding off until she fully grasped everything. There’s a good chance that Dr. Miller wasn’t the only scientist in Alaska looking for answers; other researchers may have set up shop there as well and were working on related research.

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