‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3 Theories: Will Helen Zhang Emerge As A Villain After General Abbot?

The second season of Sweet Tooth concluded on a cliffhanger with Gus traveling to Alaska with his pals, who are now like family. Dr. Miller had been AWOL for the past ten years and was most likely in Alaska, but the virus’ treatment had still not been discovered. Dr. Aditya was nearly insane from his search for a cure, yet he was still determined to succeed. General Abbot’s death led to the emergence of a new power that wished to rule the situation and carry out her own agenda. Mrs. Helen Zhang demonstrated in her brief appearance that she was perhaps much more ominous, cunning, and deadly than the general. Let’s find out what to anticipate from Mrs. Zhang and Gertrude Miller in Sweet Tooth season 3 (if there is one), and how their choices will affect how the world turns out.

Has Dr. Gertrude Miller Found A Cure In Alaska?

Throughout their journey, Big Man and Becky had no faith that Dr. Gertrude Birdie Miller would be alive, but they kept their worries to themselves because they believed Gus wouldn’t be able to accept the truth. Since learning that his mother was in Colorado, Gus was eager to locate her. When Gus learned that Dr. Gertrude Miller was not his original mother and that she had manufactured him in a laboratory, he felt very horrible. He felt like he didn’t have anyone in this world to call his own. Big Man and Becky didn’t want to let him down further by informing him that the likelihood of Birdie being alive was extremely slim. They learned, however, that their vacation to Colorado had not been in vain when the unexpected occurred. Birdie was still alive, and Becky had unintentionally come into contact with her. Birdie instructed Becky to retrieve a tape she had stored in her attic on which she attempted to explain to Gus that she never intended for him to feel abandoned and that everything she was doing was for his benefit. Alaska, according to Birdie and even Gillian Washington, director of Fort Smith, has the key to curing the H5G9 virus.

James Thacker, Gillian’s great-grandfather, had made an expedition to the same area in quest of a treatment for his degenerative muscular ailment. Once in Alaska, nobody knew what happened to him. Gillian always believed that he had discovered something that may enable them to completely wipe out all diseases from the planet. Birdie was of the opinion that if Gillian traveled to Alaska, she might be able to diffuse the situation and find some relief after she self-injected herself with the virus and became patient zero. In contrast, Gillian believed that in order to find a cure for the virus, she must bring Gus to her. We think that the reason Birdie stayed in Alaska for more than ten years was because she might have discovered some viable leads. The development of a vaccine using those promising leads may still require extensive investigation, and that is what Birdie is attempting to achieve there. After learning of an outpost where Birdie may have been living for the past ten years, Big Man, Gus, Wendy, and Becky made the decision to travel to Alaska during the end of Sweet Tooth season 2. It’s also conceivable that Gus’ biology contributed to the development of the vaccine, and Birdie may be looking for a means to exploit him or any hybrid without actually murdering them.

Will Dr. Adtiya Be Able To Save Rani?

Dr. Aditya had gotten fixated on his studies since he thought he was very close to discovering a cure. Aditya’s wife Rani often warned him that he had gone too far, but he just wasn’t ready to concede defeat because he thought he was so close to making a revelation. It appeared for a while that the doctor would lose his mind, but the Preserve was destroyed, Aimee set fire to his lab, and Aditya was forced to flee the area. Aditya had unintentionally found Gus’ house deep inside the forest, and it was there that he learned Alaska might have some mysteries that could aid him in his studies.

Aditya and Dr. Gertrude Miller may cross paths in Sweet Tooth Season 3 and work together to combine their respective research efforts in an effort to find a long-lasting solution to the virus. Miller undoubtedly understood a lot more about the virus than Aditya did, but Aditya had spent months researching every part of it. As a result, Miller could benefit from his hit-and-miss approach, and may even learn something that she was unaware of. Aditya might try to find his wife and save her if he discovers a treatment in time because Rani was still alive. But time was of the essence, and it’s unclear how long Rani could endure in that condition. It was essential that whatever discovery he had to make happen within the allotted time span since, in Aditya’s opinion, Rani only had a few weeks left before the infection killed her.

Will Helen Zhang Emerge As A Villain In Season 3?

Mrs. Helen Zhang, the ruthless head of one of the three families in charge of the free cities, is first presented to us in Sweet Tooth Season 2. Mrs. Zhang was the type of person who disliked splitting the fruits of victory, and the only reason she had gone to meet Abbot was because she had heard that he had discovered a treatment for the virus. The other leaders were equally astounded that Abbot had been able to pull off the seemingly impossible and convince her to visit the Preserve, thus it appeared that she didn’t believe in working in concert or with others. Abbott described to them his concept of a self-sufficient municipality, which he called Evergreen, that was spread out over acres of land and encircled on all sides by a 30-foot-tall border wall. All three leaders were given a place to stay, and Abbot informed them that he would need their help to carry out his plan successfully.

When Gus arrived on the scene and the leaders learned that Abbot was killing the hybrids in order to develop the cure, Abbot’s attempts to persuade the leaders to join his cause were unsuccessful. At the time, it appeared like Mrs. Zhang wasn’t joining the project because she didn’t want to murder the hybrids, but later on, we learned that if she won every position in the Evergreen residency, she would have no qualms about killing the hybrids. Mrs. Zhang didn’t want to leave any members of her family behind because the abbot had informed the leaders that there were only 150 seats available inside his township. In exchange for Abbot promising her that she would win every seat, she offered to kill the other leaders and steal their resources. We first learned about Mrs. Zhang’s character when she brutally murdered the leaders. She was vicious and brutal, and she believed she was far superior to everyone around her.

Mrs. Zhang received the news that Abbot had been killed near the end of Sweet Tooth Season 2. Uncomfortably, she reminded herself that she would have to handle things on her own because she didn’t think anyone else had what it took. We think Mrs. Zhang will go to Alaska with Gus and his buddies, and she’ll be there with them. Mrs. Zhang might take on the role of the general and steer the story in the direction she desires. Family was everything to her, and she had made it abundantly apparent that she would sacrifice anything for them. She may take control of the situation and begin work on Project Evergreen in Sweet Tooth season 3. She wants full authority over the vaccine’s production if she and Dr. Aditya are successful in finding a cure. Mrs. Zhang was worse than Abbot, and on top of that, she was erratic and violent. In season 3, Gus and the others would have to deal with the fury of a woman whose contemptuous gaze could send shivers down people’s spines. Gus and the others had no idea what was fermenting inside Mrs. Zhang’s thoughts.

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