‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is The Red-And-White Masked Man?

With the release of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938’s second episode, the Lee Yeon fanbase intensifies. Ryu Hong Ju would concur, but we don’t think she’s just a cute mountain goddess who likes Lee Yeon. Then there is Lee Rang, who initially left us perplexed. In The Tale of the Nine-Tailed, his abandonment issues were far more severe than they appear to be in this series, which is set 80 years earlier. Here, he is much more amicable with his sibling. But the reunion of Lee Yeon and Shin Ju was the highlight of Episode 2. We actually sobbed tears of pleasure when it occurred near the end of the episode. Did anyone else think of the scene in Crash Landing on You where Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok and his team reunited after searching for him in South Korea? In any case, in Episode 2, Lee Yeon battles and looks into more fantastical creatures as he searches for the red-and-white masked man in order to exact retribution as a Gumiho. Here is a summary of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938’s second episode.

Warning: Spoilers

What Happens On The Train?

Lee Yeon encounters Taluipa in 1938 and asks her for assistance traveling back in time since the gates of time were shut in Episode 1. She orders him to perform an errand, as is her wont. Yeon must obtain the fabled pipe that the Japanese are currently holding. The Japanese were able to take the pipe in the first place because they had a significant number of magical beings working for them. Although we were unable to locate any references to pipes in Korean folklore, we are making the assumption that this pipe comes from the idiom when tigers smoked pipes, which is akin to the expression once upon a time. Rang’s robbers steal from the train’s passengers as well as one of the things in the pipe as the train passes under an overpass. Ryu Hong Ju, however, steals it from them. She wants Lee Yeon more than the pipe, and this is how she’s trying to get him to come to her. She gives off the impression of being slightly deranged because she won’t accept Yeon’s refusal and is prepared to battle him to the death if he doesn’t accept her offer. Fortunately, Yeon uses the pipe to board another train. He cannot, however, immediately return to his time because the gate of time does not open until the moon eclipse, which is one month away. His decision to spend that time with his brother follows.

Who Is Ginko Tawara?

She appears to be one of the good guys, but her ruthlessness is clear from the way she ordered the tendons of her would-be tormentor to be severed. Since Cheon Moo Young attended to her injuries, she has continued to see him since she surely finds him fascinating. In this episode, she confides in him about her sad home situation. Ginko did not have to wed the Chief Commissioner because she had an older sister who was already wedded to him. But not long after, she committed suicide. She currently participates covertly in the Korean resistance movement, either in support of her sister or because she herself believes in the freedom of the country. The chief commissioner, her brother-in-law, is a demon in the Japanese troops, and it was he who gave the order to have the pipe taken. It is unclear to us if his goals are to maintain Japan’s hegemony or whether they are different. That information will presumably be revealed in forthcoming episodes.

How Does Lee Yeon Find The Three Worms ?

When the Lee brothers return to Myoyeongeok, they learn that Ryu Hong Ju is the property’s owner. She threatens to set fire to any place Yeon decides to live if he doesn’t stay there. Yeon concurs, in part because Hong Ju is allegedly in charge of managing the information in that area. She assigns him an errand to run since he requests for her assistance in finding the mask-wearing man. Hong Ju requests that he preside over a pageant in her place. The Three Worms—desire-controlling creatures—are responsible for the unnatural hunger and carnal urges that resulted from a woman who intended to participate in the pageant badly injuring a visitor. Yang Young Ae, a woman he met on the train, wins the pageant after Yeon follows her instructions. But as predicted by him, Young Ae contracts the three worms and turns ferocious. Fortunately, Moo Young manages to seize her without anyone noticing. Yeon informs Ginko about it, and she reveals that the affected women were all patrons of a specific hair salon. Yeon and Rang travel there next, where they both join as staff members. They soon discover that the cleaning lady is the one spreading the worms to the women. She is an indigenous divinity associated with wooden stoves, and she is unable to cope with her diminished status. With the aid of the three worms that a masked guy had given her, she exacted her vengeance. The moment the woman confesses this, as instructed to happen whenever she divulges the secret, she bursts into flames. Basically, Yeon and Rang can see more and more that the masked man is after them. They won’t know the reason for a while.

Who Is The Red-And-White Masked Man?

with the second episode, it became very obvious that Cheon Moo Young was the man with the mask. He told Ginko about his past, which is how we learned about it. He is Lee Yeon’s best friend’s younger brother. Since Yeon killed Moo Young’s brother, he has sought retribution against him. However, we question if there is more to it. After all, Moo Young admits that he has trouble recalling specific details about his sibling. He is also a little bit on the rampage. Yeon could have dealt with the three worms with ease, and Moo Young had to have known that. So why is he allowing them to lose in this manner? Though Yeon is probably not his intended target in doing this. After being assaulted by the three worms, Young Ae is still alive, and at the end of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 Episode 2, Moo Young declares that he wants to turn her into a Yacha, a demon that craves human flesh and blood—basically, a zombie. But what use is a zombie to a mountain god? Hong Ju is aware of his identity in the meantime. She also appears to be aware of his trip into the future. We assume that Moo Young had a purpose for going there, of which luring Lee Yeon to 1938 was only a small portion. We need to find out as soon as possible what he and Hong Ju are planning.

Final Thoughts

We learn more about Korean folklore with each new episode of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938, which is sheer entertainment. However, based on the Episode 3 teaser, we anticipate that the action will become much more intense. It’s also unclear how things will develop once Rang realizes Yeon is a time traveler. Will he eventually learn about his own destiny? The delay for these responses is extensive.

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