‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Hong Joo Discover Lee Yeon’s Secret?

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938’s fourth installment on Prime Video was a lot of entertaining nothing. As long as we like the minutes we spend gazing at the screen, we don’t mind that the story isn’t truly moving forward. Does anyone else adore how Lee Yeon’s hair occasionally appears darker yet gleams a gorgeous coppery red in the sunlight? We are simpletons, and you cannot convince us otherwise. Here is a thorough summary and conclusion for Episode 4.

Warning: Spoilers

What Happens With Lee Rang And Yeo Hee?

Lee Rang is undeniably humiliated by the attention a girl is giving him, and his brother and Shin Ju are not helping. They never stop making fun of him over the mermaid’s obvious affection for him. As for Rang, we’re not sure if he really has no idea what he’s doing or if he’s just acting that way on purpose. He feels obligated to repay Yeo Hee because she saved his life and believes that he owes her something. Lee Rang is not aware of Yeo Hee’s overt flirtation with him. Yeo Hee senses it and makes seven modest wishes, one of which is to ride a horse. She had anticipated a romantic encounter, but Rang instead taught her a lesson. Yeo Hee even makes an effort to build a bridge between them, but finds it difficult because Rang is a little rude. But when she strains her ankle and Rang has to get back on the horse, she finally has her romantic moment.

Who Is The Baby?

Yeon discovers while looking into the masked man that he must visit Yeo Hee’s shop and steal the jewelry box. Yeon dispatches Shin Ju to complete the mission, but unhappily, there he encounters Ginko Tawara, who is manning the store. Of course, Shin Ju thinks she’s Yoo Ri, but that is quickly corrected. Fortunately, Shin Ju manages to get away from her and the rest of the security, and Ginko is shocked that he can still run despite having been shot numerous times. Ginko is vigilantly guarding the boutique, so we assume it is a part of the resistance organization and that they are anticipating some sort of shipment. Returning to Shin Ju, he and Yeon come upon the masked man who is attempting to rob them of the box. This time, Yeon prevails and escapes with the jewelry box despite some rough play, deception, and clever traps. Even though it is filled with priceless gems, it also features a ruler and a scale that, when used to measure a person’s length (height) and width, can reanimate the deceased. Yeon hypothesizes that the masked guy arrived in this time period since the scale had allegedly vanished during the Japanese era. However, Yeon has yet to determine how it might be beneficial to him.

Regarding Ginko, her father has discovered a new gold mine and is overjoyed about it. However, he is told that whenever they find a mine, they always notice a man wearing a bamboo hat nearby, leading them to believe that he must be the god of wealth and fortune. As luck would have it, the general has the man detained after they immediately notice the man. However, the man is utterly unconcerned about his new situation and just requests that his tormentor find him a kid if he wants him to talk.

This specific infant mysteriously appears at Yeon and Rang’s door and completely upends their lives. Since Yeon feels that it was his error that transformed Rang into a bandit and ultimately caused his death, he does not wish to have any children. Rang only states that he detests human babies. Yeon and Rang are ready to abandon the baby at any time, leaving only Shin Ju to provide for her needs. But despite their best efforts, the infant always manages to make its way back to them. They start caring for the infant and give her the name Lee Mi Ho because they have no other option. Yeon and Rang learn that the infant is a sign of luck as well. She can be the goddess of prosperity and wealth. Mi Ho quickly gains popularity since she helps Rang win every time he gambles, which makes her a favorite. The brothers find out she is wanted by the police one day while they are out and about with the infant. They obviously do not give her over because they are already aware that she is not a typical baby. However, the police show up to take her back after learning about her existence during their brief chase across town. But two foxes are no match for a group of humans, and they take them out in a flash.

Does Hong Joo Discover Lee Yeon s Secret?

Her suspicions regarding Moo Young and Lee Yeon have grown deeper ever since Hong Joo returned from the Ice Hell. Even though Hong Joo thinks she knows them, they are still strangers. She learns a totally different picture of Lee Yeon from what she has been seeing for a time as she asks the locals about him. As we saw in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 Episode 1, Lee Yeon appears to be an opium addict who beats the villagers at the least provocation. Hong Joo is shocked by all she is hearing right now about how those who are bothered by him have created their own support group. She chooses, nonetheless, to put it to the test. She summons Lee Yeon to her office and lights some opium, but as she had anticipated, he shows no signs of being impacted. Hong Joo finally decides that she must travel to Manchuria in order to put her worries to rest. Do you recall how Yeon told his 1938 self in the first episode that his first love, Ah Eum, was in Manchuria? Hong Joo discovers Yeon’s home in Manchuria at the conclusion of Episode 4 of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938. To her astonishment, she also discovers Lee Yeon, the opium addict of 1938, who is unconscious on the couch. Hong Joo finds out that the Lee Yeon staying at her inn is from the future in a matter of seconds. Once the pieces fall into place, she will also realize that it is the location from where Moo Young has returned. Taluipa already knows this, so perhaps she can allay some of Hong Joo’s concerns. Next week, we’ll find out.

Final Thoughts

We can infer from the precap that Yeon and the demon general, as well as Moo Young and Yeon, will cross paths. We’re interested to see what happens with Ginko Tawara and Shin Ju as well. We hope not because she and Yoo Ri are so dissimilar, but we believe a bond is developing. We also doubt that Yeon’s family will appear in greater numbers. We learned about the familial dynamics in the prequel, but we don’t think they were ever satisfactorily resolved. Perhaps the entire Fox family should get together for treatment. Perhaps that will be demonstrated in next episodes.

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