‘The Company You Keep’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Daphne Get Patrick Out of Jail?

In The Company You MaintainIn episode seven, Emma put her job and that of her friend Vikram at jeopardy in order to protect Charlie when they were attending conferences in Pine Grove. In order to trap Daphne in her impending transactions with weapons, they had been given access to Charlie through Emma as her asset. Charlie and Emma return to Charlie’s residence for a briefing as Daphne leaves the conference with the weapon transactions and contacts Charlie had arranged for her. They misunderstand one another, and as the episode came to a close, Charlie gave Emma her communication chips back while also shutting the door in her face.

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Did Leo And Charlie Team Up On The Side?

After agreeing on a plan with Daphne, Charlie leaves the bar and finds it packed when he gets home. While Leo distributes free drinks to the throng, he speaks to his mother, Fran. They turned out to be acquaintances of Leo’s from the steel mill he had previously worked at 20 years prior. They were having drinks in memory of Maurice, Shelby’s father, who had passed away. Shelby, a character from The Company You Keep Episode 1, makes a comeback. She had been the Nicolleti family’s insider on wealthy crooks, so she started looking for jobs for them right once. She was one of their closest friends, and the Nicolettis treated her like one of their own. Fran told Charlie to watch out for Leo during the drinking and to make sure he didn’t skip his meeting with the neurologist the next day.

Leo was nowhere to be seen the following day, though, so Charlie had to use the tracker Birdie had previously set up on his phone to find him. He discovered Leo preparing for his upcoming con on Davy Slocum on the golf course. Charlie came over to assist him as a caddy and gave him the golf clubs. Davy Slocum, or David as he now goes by, had lost Leo’s pension in addition to a few other benefits. Leo intended to ensure that David made a sizable investment in a vacant property as payback. For this, he and Charlie first won the wager on the golf course before, as an act of kindness, refusing to cash the $200,000 check and instead requesting that he make an investment in their project. The steel factory workers and Shelby agreed to assist the Nicolettis in their con of the man because the structure was intended to be a hospital.

The Company You Keep Episode 8 Ending Explained: Did Daphne Get Patrick Out of Jail?

Together, Emma and Birdie work to fulfill Daphne’s orders. Daphne actively tried to bribe a court to release Patrick from prison, but when it appeared that the corrupt judge would not budge, she delegated the task to the Nicolettis. Patrick continued to give Daphne the required attention and affection to use her as a pawn to get him out of jail despite knowing that the judge was unwilling to bend. When Daphne visited the jail, she met Patrick there and later struck a deal with Charlie. However, it was dubious that Daphne had affections for Charlie during the transaction. Emma’s coworker Birdie brought it up, but Emma disregarded her on the grounds of work. While Charlie went in search of Leo, Emma and Birdie banded together to gather information about the judge. Emma was required to disguise herself as Deborah Nahm, a noisy yet tenacious Korean entrepreneur who worked for the Novenza Electronics Corporation. To catch the district judge in the act and facilitate Patrick’s release from custody, Emma must offer him a bribe. In order for Daphne to intervene and capture him in the act, they required him to consent to rule for Deborah as bait. As they set up their trap, Birdie quietly argued Charlie’s case to Emma by emphasizing how giving her the truth to protect her and her family was a selfless gesture on his part and that he would not desert her.

Due of Leo and Fran’s dislike for Emma, Emma had been feeling a little alone. Birdie reassured her that Charlie still liked and trusted her because it helped her feel less excluded. After they had successfully completed their undercover mission, Charlie called Birdie to let her know that Leo had been taken into custody. Later, Leo made his entrance as a free man as the Nicolettis planned how to get him out and make sure their scams weren’t abandoned. Leo admitted that Emma had helped him out, shocking his family as he did so. Because he had stolen a watch, he had been detained. Emma’s return to the family was warmly welcomed by Charlie, who expressed his gratitude to her. In the meantime, The Company You Keep Episode 8 concluded with Patrick being set free and going to dine at Daphne’s new home with Connor. He had informed Connor before the dinner that he was the rightful heir when he had arrived to pick him up from jail.

Are David Hill and Jen dating?

Many new twists and turns were revealed in The Company You Keep Episode 8; David and Jen began dating. Emma was unaware, but Joseph quickly let her know as they got home together. David was afterwards sat down by Joseph and Grace to explain why he had been leery of Claire Fox. When David made a joke about being a loose politician, he informed him that he had a shady history with Claire. After Joseph confessed to him, David had a fresh perspective on his father; nevertheless, Grace assured him that it had already happened. Later, while spending the day with Jen, he confided in Jen about his concerns and revealed that he was concerned Claire Fox might be in danger. He was also concerned about how people would view their relationship because Jen had been hired by Claire Fox. Jen finally admits to the audience that Claire Fox was not her parent but rather a friend of her parents. She also gave David the reassurance that she would look for another campaign because she was committed to and wanted their relationship to last. David was happy since he had been afraid of permanently losing her.

Final Thoughts

The fraud that Leo and Charlie are running on Davy Slocum has not yet been successful. To give Emma an opportunity to win back the Nicoletti family’s favor, it was left on the note that Leo was being arrested while Emma saved him. Emma had also developed a friendly relationship with Birdie. In the past, Birdie had been against Emma, but she could now see that Emma was doing her best to overcome her preconceived notions of the world and that it was tough for her because of the stigma and opinions she had. Despite having to reevaluate her worldview, she had successfully protected her family as well as Charlie and his family. Birdie respected her intelligence and gave her the sweet nickname Logistics. She also gently made an effort to reconcile Charlie and Emma. Contrarily, Daphne was flawed in one way. She desired her father’s approval as well as the right to be the heir. She told him about her ambitions without realizing that her father might choose Connor as the heir instead of her. Her fatal flaw was trusting and believing in her father. Even though Daphne pretended that she didn’t want anything from him, she secretly yearned for his approval from the man she took to be her father.

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