‘The Company You Keep’ Finale Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: What To Expect In Season 2?

Who You Hang Out WithPatrick had virtually promised that Daphne would not be a part of the fall of the Maguire Empire, but the episode ended with Daphne making amends and agreeing to work with Emma to see it through. Patrick had also requested Connor to look after Emma, but unintentionally he had put Jen and David in danger. Emma’s car was taken by David and Jen as they left the discussion. Once David ignited the explosion, they set it off. Just before the explosion, Jen made a quick decision and pushed both her and David out of the vehicle.

Warning: Spoilers

Did David And Jen Die?

The opening scene of The Company You Keep 10 features Birdie and Charlie getting ready to open the bar while debating Frankie’s offer. Leo turns on the television to catch up on the news while Birdie is fiercely opposed to him and Fran selling the pub. The channel features the story of David and Jen’s automobile exploding endangering their lives. They quickly hurried to the hospital. While the rest of the family begged Charlie to visit Emma, Leo informed him about the situation. While Jen remains unconscious, David appears to be in no danger and is recovering. Emma can’t tell David who set off the explosion, but she swears to exact revenge on them. Both Charlie and her teammates get in touch with her for various reasons. Charlie had been worried and wanted to help, but her teammates encouraged her to abandon the case. On the other side, David and Jen got back together after Jen awoke from her artificial coma. She had been in a critical state, but seemed to be improving. Before Jen successfully persuaded him to continue in politics, David appeared to be giving up on both his campaign and politics altogether. David desired a life with Jen free from politics, but Jen inspired him to leave his party and concentrate on running as a public candidate after the election. To demonstrate his ability, he consented to a brief term. Later, near the conclusion of the episode, a more elaborate scheme is in the works thanks to Jen, who is either Russian or speaks it fluently enough to speak with her mother about how she handled David without letting David know about their chat.

Did Frankie End Up Being a Conman?

Leo and Fran scheduled a meeting with Frankie to discuss how they would sell the pub while Charlie, Emma, and Daphne were occupied catching Patrick and Connor. Ollie whizzed around the bar minding her own business while Simon and Birdie lingered. The development plan Frankie had not shown Fran and Leo while she claimed to be busy was promptly stolen by Ollie. Birdie and Simon were shown the strategy, and when they did, they spoke with Leo and Fran about it. They understood that Frankie had been deceiving them and that the investors he was referring to intended to target the entire neighborhood rather than simply their bar. Fran and Leo felt deceived, but they got to work immediately devising ways to make sure the investors never committed to invest in the first place. Charlie assisted them in creating a plan after learning that Frankie was selling the entire neighborhood to line his coffers. At the waterfront where the con had been planned to bring down the Maguires, he requested them to arrange a meeting with Frankie and the investors. The investors were alarmed by the open fire when they first met at the restaurant close to the harbor. As a result, the sale was prevented from going through, and the Nicolettis were able to walk away with the insurance money that had been offered in the event that the deal fell through.

Did Daphne Choose To Help Them Out?

The ninth episode of The Company You Keep made sure Daphne would agree to aid Charlie and Emma in their mission to overthrow the Maguires. They bet that Patrick would get in touch with Brad and take over the transportation of the munitions. They also anticipated him attempting to gain the upper hand and setting up Daphne to take the blame for him. While Emma phoned Singh, her FBI agent, and asked for assistance, they had both prepared for a different scenario. She pleaded with him by explaining how the CIA had left her hanging. Charlie took full control and revealed Patrick the truth while deceiving him into believing he was still being misled. As Patrick followed Charlie to the location of the guns, he was determined not to believe him. The FBI raid fooled him despite the fact that he could see the guns were still in tact and that he was telling the truth. He fired fire after thinking the raid was a hoax and was killed in the conflict. Patrick sent Connor to finish off Daphne before he lost his life. Emma had blocked the strike and injured Connor instead. After they were certain that Connor had actually drowned after being hurt, Daphne and Emma subsequently joined Charlie. After making sure that Patrick and Connor were both dead, Daphne, Emma, and Charlie were able to destroy the whole Maguire family’s drug and weapon enterprise.

Did Emma Walk Out of Her Job?

After requesting that she put the investigation out of her hands, the CIA was not pleased with Emma working on her own. Due to the Maguires’ connections to the authorities, the matter was allowed to be closed without the Maguires’ deaths. Emma knew that if she did not comply with the requirements of higher-up authorities like Dalton Bridges, she would be fired. Emma, on the other hand, decided to follow her own principles and quit her job. Mason had already been of great assistance to Emma, and she was aware that Charlie and Emma were keeping Daphne hidden as they prepared to overthrow the Maguires. Mason had inquired as to why Emma had not informed her, but Emma responded that she did not want Mason to doubt her allegiance. This had already convinced Mason to follow Emma. She met with Emma and one of their supervisors to devise a plan for purging the CIA and restoring its original purpose. They wanted the CIA to get back on the right track and stop protecting criminals instead of the general population. Charlie had refused Emma’s request to join her in her recruitment efforts. After discussing their issues in dialogue, they mutually decided to maintain their separation. They encountered each again in a pub at the end of The Company You Keep Episode 10, but this time they made the decision to put their careers ahead of their relationships.

What To Expect From Season 2?

There is a prospect for a second season where they would address whether Emma was successful in rooting out the CIA’s corruption, with Charlie most likely assisting her. With regard to Jen and David, there would be still another surprise. Because a scheme appears to be afoot, it appears that Jen was not who she claimed to be and instead was a Russian agent. She addressed her mother in Russian after receiving praise for how she handled David. This suggests that she might be associated with the Russian crime gang. These are only speculative questions that will likely be resolved if and when The Company You Keep Season 2 airs. The start of a new season is hinted at in this one.

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