‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Protects Kang Ho From The Assailants?

The fifth episode was purely for enjoyment. But the likelihood that The Good Bad Mother will turn out to be a tragedy only grows. We can already see that Episode 6 will be plenty of happy moments that only foreshadow all the sorrow that will come later in this series. The production of Episode 5 went much more smoothly, and we are happy that Young Soon will soon have something to look forward to in her life. Here is a thorough summary of Season 5, Episode 5 of The Good Bad Mother.

Warning: Spoilers

What Happens With Mi Joo And Kang Ho?

Continuing from Episode 4, Mi Joo is startled to see Kang Ho and locks the door right away. Kang Ho claims that ever since he saw her, his chest has been achy. His body may be remembering earlier heartbreak because of the agony associated with it. Kang Ho is currently smitten with Mi Joo and can’t wait to be near her. The twins are cautioned by Mi Joo, however, to avoid contact with Kang Ho at all costs. We witnessed how content Mi Joo and Kang Ho were in the past, acting cute and affectionately all over the city. However, he had broken up with her on the day of Kang Ho’s appointment. Other than the fact that he needed to complete a mission by himself, he didn’t give her any other explanation. He also gives her a bankbook, but Mi Joo makes the heartbreaking joke that it doesn’t cover all the work she did up until that point for him.

The following day, Kang Ho observes Mi Joo from a distance as he sees her adoring Tiger the puppy. She seemed to appreciate it, so he asks his mother for a pet dog of his own. Young Soon declines, claiming that no one is available to care for the dog. However, Kang Ho is so captivated on the puppy that he even begs his mother and his physical therapist for permission to bring the dog home. Naturally, none of these tricks are successful, but it is nevertheless adorable to see Kang Ho perform the routine kid activities that he did not perform when he was a real youngster. Watching Young Soon treat Kang Ho like a child gives us a different impression. When they return to their town, Andrea is after the guard dog, Yellow, while Kang Ho is given a piglet to keep. As long as he can persuade his mother to get him a dog, Kang Ho decides to get by with the piglet. When he runs into the twins, who have been searching for Kang Ho, he invites him out. The piglet tries to play with the three of them, but he escapes their grasp and takes off, so they had to chase after him.

What Is The Conflict Between Trot Baek And Young Soon?

Trot Baek has vowed that he and Young Soon will not get along. He informs her that her pigsty scent is damaging his clothes. He even goes so far as to request that Young Soon be punished by the livestock division in a complaint. Despite the fact that nothing much happens, the person in authority is compelled to contact Young Soon again. She leaves some food at his door as a gesture of goodwill from her end. But nobody seems to appreciate this generosity. Kang Ho and the twins chase the piglet after Baek, who had to swerve his car at the last second to avoid hitting it. When he goes to meet Young Soon and gets doused in disinfectant, his car also takes a hit. He tries to roughhouse Young Soon out of frustration at his predicament, which causes Kang Ho to defend her. All of them end up in jail as a result, but Baek is shown to have been talking on the phone while driving when Kang Ho recounts the events immediately following the collision. Kang Ho’s legal knowledge is also exposed in this circumstance, albeit he quickly forgets it.

Who Protects Kang Ho From The Assailants?

We understand why Ha Young initially deceived Kang Ho once we are back in Seoul. Some photos and videos of Kang Ho were taken while he was managing Oh Tae Soo’s extramarital relationship. Ha Young is shown them by Tae Soo, who informs her that the mother and kid are Oh Tae Soo’s illegitimate children and that Tae Soo was misleading Ha Young. She challenges it and queries her father as to why he did not call the police. At that point, Tae Soo tells her that he had hurt the family of Kang Ho 30 years prior and couldn’t risk that probe now. Ha Young was motivated to make this decision by the betrayal and the realization that Kang Ho had probably never loved her.

We’re interested in knowing Kang Ho’s actual age right now. Young Soon claimed to be 35 years old in The Good Bad Mother, Episode 4. Currently, Oh Tae Soo claims that he injured Kang Ho’s father thirty years ago, about the time Young Soon was expecting Kang Ho. Really, the subtitles should explain themselves. Ha Young’s panic attacks have intensified and she is now genuinely on edge since she assisted her father in his evil scheme. She promises her father that she would follow his instructions and remain within the home, but what will he do if Kang Ho’s memories start to return? At that point, Oh Tae Soo makes the decision to have Kang Ho assassinated. However, towards the conclusion of The Good Bad Mother Episode 5, we saw that there were others waiting there to protect Kang Ho when the attacker arrived. We believe Song Woo Byeok planted them. He wants to dominate Oh Tae Soo, but he now lacks the tools to do so. He might have anticipated Oh Tae Soo’s intention to harm Kang Ho, nevertheless. Woo Byeok would benefit if Kang Ho’s memory returned, and that might just be the trick up his sleeve. Therefore, he must have sent the two individuals who were attempting to protect Kang Ho.

Final Thoughts

Right now, we are quite certain that Kang Ho is the twins’ father. Mi Joo perceived it as a moment when the kids were running towards her and Kang Ho was in the wheelchair, playing with them like a father would. And then there is the issue with Sam Sik. The fact that he has finally identified the individuals who turned on him and put him in jail won’t help him at this point. However, we believe that he might become Kang Ho’s friend in the future. In his prior life, Kang Ho may not have had any pals. Given that Kang Ho is changing, Sam Sik might be that person for him. We can only hope that we don’t cry too much while watching the upcoming episodes because there is a lot to look forward to.

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