‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Kang Ho Save Young Soon?

There was a lot to process in the eighth episode of The Good Bad Mother. Although there were some humorous parts, our hearts broke for the characters. At this point, all we want is for Young Soon and Kang Ho to be content, if only for a few episodes, because neither the future nor the present will be easy. Here is a full summary and conclusion of The Good Bad Mother Episode 7 for now.

Warning: Spoilers

Why Does Young Soon Try To Kill Herself And Kang Ho?

Young Soon has been making plans to hand over control of the situation to Kang Ho ever since learning that she won’t live for very long. In case there is a problem with the house or the farm, she plans to provide him a thorough logbook that will inform him where to go and who to call. She even makes him a schedule so that he would know how to care for the pigs. The funniest part, though, is that she trains him to curse at people when they bully or take advantage of him. We also assume that she looks after Baek Hoon Ah after she discovers that he has put up posters across the hamlet calling for the destruction of the pig farm. He and she get into a heated argument, and the petty man walks away with a bleeding nose. Young Soon wants to live so badly for her son, but she needs to be realistic.

Kang Ho is able to tell that his mother is ill. He claims that she is not being her typically jovial self, but he is instantly shown to be mistaken when Young Soon returns with a much better attitude because she has a plan. But when her pigs are killed by the authorities, it all falls apart. If one poultry farm contracts a disease, the legislation requires the other farms within a 3-kilometer radius to put their animals to death as well. All the pigs on Young Soon’s farm were put to death as a result of a disease that was spread by a neighbouring goat farm. She is devastated by the turn of events, especially considering how important the farm was to her in addition to providing for her basic needs.

Choi Hae Sik, Young Soon’s husband, had even sacrificed his life to keep the pig farm as a family heirloom. He had hoped that the pig farm would remain in his family for many generations, but after all the piglets died, that dream was over. The fact that one of the pigs had just given birth to piglets and that the pigs slain had children and a new mother made it even more tragic. Authorities essentially left Young Soon with no means of support by burying the pigs on the potato field. All of the villagers are upset for her, but Mi Joo’s mother is particularly unhappy since she and Young Soon have a special link because they both gave birth on the same day and because Young Soon supported Mi Joo’s mother after she lost her husband.

Who Are The Two Spies In The Village?

Do you recall the two men that watched over Kang Ho’s home while saving his life in Episode 6? They actually wind up purchasing the nearby cornfield because of the lie they told Young Soon. Sam Sik’s mother, however, tries to keep the transaction a secret from her son for fear that he may take the money once more. Her worries are not unjustified, but Sam Sik is stealing from people outside of her home this time. In a month, he assures his creditors, he will pay them twice as much plus interest. He pretends to be aiding the two men while actually trying to rip them off. But this time, these two individuals discovered some promising leads. They discover a wig and proof that Kang Ho was the one who had been leaking information about Woobyeok’s sinister activities in Kang Ho’s home. The Chairman, however, dismisses it after hearing about it because he thinks Kang Ho was just being ambitious. He was repairing the damage he had surreptitiously caused to win the Chairman’s approval, and the latter praised his foresight while urging the men to continue looking for evidence against Of Tae Soo, who had arranged for his daughter to be married to a powerful industrialist’s son.

Does Kang Ho Save Young Soon?

Young Soon makes the decision to kill both Kang Ho and herself, but she quickly changes her mind when she notices her son’s excitement about the future. Lion, their piglet, is still alive, so Kang Ho thinks there’s still hope. Young Soon is unable to carry out the job when she sees the smile on his face. When she returns home, she discovers Mi Joo, who has come to the conclusion that Young Soon is up to something after learning from the shopkeeper that Young Soon had purchased a bottle of pesticide just that morning. Mi Joo takes the bottle away from her and arranges for Kang Ho to join Seo Jin and Sam Sik at the baths. This resolves Seo Jin’s issue while temporarily caring for Kang Ho and Young Soon, who were being ridiculed for not going to the men’s bathhouse.

As for Young Soon, she lacks the willpower to murder her kid after witnessing his positivity. So she arranges for him to be dropped off to a treatment facility and arranges for his care for the rest of his life. She then drives him directly there after picking him up from the baths and leaves him there. However, Kang Ho doesn’t linger there for very long. The hospital is in a panic because they can’t reach his mother after he escapes in his wheelchair. When Kang Ho gets home at the end of The Good Bad MotherEpisode 7, he discovers that his mother is attempting suicide by hanging herself. Kang Ho, who is crying, reaches out and snatches her up from the wheelchair in an effort to save her. At the last second, Young Soon regains consciousness, and we assume that she has seen Kang Ho standing.

Final Thoughts

Kang Ho and Young Soon ought to take a sabbatical, in our opinion. Both of them have led difficult lives, and it nearly seems as though there is no chance for them to find happiness. Kang Ho has had to deal with the tragedy of his previous childhood, and now he also has to endure the sorrow of witnessing his mother attempt suicide. Young Soon is discovering that doors are closing on her from all sides. The kind Bad Mother’s upcoming episode, however, may see an improvement in the situation because it appears that Kang Ho will finally be proven to be the kind guy that he has been portraying himself to be. We are anticipating learning those revelations.

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