‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Hannah And Bailey’s Plan?

Hannah, Owen, and Bailey’s relationship was primarily established in the first episode of The Last Thing He Told Me before being thrown into the fray. We discovered Hannah enjoys woodturning. At an early age, her mother left her behind. Her grandfather also took care of her and assisted her in developing her passion for woodturning. The Shop is an IT tech company where Owen works as the chief coder. Owen and Hannah have been dating for more than a year. The child of Owen’s first marriage is Bailey. She has a lover named Bobby and hopes to become a singer. In addition to all of that, Hannah has a buddy named Jules who works for the San Francisco Chronicle and is wed to Max, a fellow employee. While speaking with Jules, things started to go south when The Shop was accused of orchestrating a significant scam. Owen fled, leaving behind two cryptic messages for Hannah and Bailey as well as a duffel bag stuffed with cash.

Warning: Major Spoilers

Hannah s Lawyer Turns His Back On Her.

The Day After’s title refers to the fact that it takes place precisely the day after Owen vanished. Hannah watches The Shop burn down as she recalls talking to Owen about moving to Austin. He admitted that’s where he spent his undergraduate years and perhaps a little while after he graduated. The use of a lot of recreational drugs, according to Owen, defined that time period, but he would not go into further detail. He was reassured by Hannah that his background would not affect how she felt about him. The biggest indication that Owen’s current situation is related to Austin, though, is that he withheld information. Hannah phones Carl Strumwasser, her attorney, in the present because Grady Bradford advised her to do so. Hannah is quite worried since Carl appears to be unavailable at this tough time.

Speaking of anxiousness, Bailey appears to be tense as a result of the constant news coverage of The Shop on her social media account. However, Hannah is the one who goes over the edge when she believes someone is following her car when she drops Bailey off at her school. Hannah tries to break into Owen’s laptop to gather some information after having a stressful talk with Jules and Max about how Owen needs to show up very away or else he’ll be included in the ongoing inquiry. Surprisingly, that is the moment the FBI arrives to confiscate the laptop so they may investigate. Hannah appears on Carl’s doorway after growing weary of hearing Carl’s repeated advice to have a lawyer support her. She also learns that Carl and Patty have been avoiding Hannah since it appears that Owen had urged them to invest in The Shop and has now fled with their money.

Max And Jules Try To Calm Hannah And Bailey Down.

Hannah recalls her talk with Owen about his deceased wife, Olivia, in which he said something evasive about her death being the worst thing that had ever occurred in his life as she calls up Jake, her lawyer ex-boyfriend. But that’s all there is. Nevertheless, Jake answers the phone, and Hannah offers him all the knowledge she has about the circumstance so that he can use his abilities to aid her and Bailey (who is arguing with Bobby over their contrasting college applications). Jake treats Hannah as if she were the spouse of every wealthy con man who has fled after making a lot of money, owing a lot of money to a lot of people, or occasionally both. Hannah is definitely surprised by this because she still thinks Owen hasn’t left because of financial difficulties and there’s more to this tale.

Later that night, as Hannah is at her studio working, Bailey thinks their house has been broken into and hurries to rescue Hannah. There are no signs of a break-in when the police search the home. Jules and Max arrive shortly after that, and while Max speaks with Hannah, Jules goes outside to speak to Bailey. Jules and Bailey talk about Bobby and Owen’s concerns about him, while Max questions Grady’s role and authenticity. Max also notes that Grady’s phone number has the Austin area code. Hannah makes the connection between this fact and Owen’s reluctance to visit Austin because that’s where he spent his undergraduate years because nothing is by chance.

Why Are Hannah And Bailey Going To Austin?

Carl stops by to share a vexing fact, namely that he didn’t invest in The Shop like his wife Patty thinks. Carl lost all of his savings because he is a gambler. He lied about handing the entire sum of money to Owen when he had to answer his wife’s question about where it was. Despite the fact that they are friends, Hannah is plainly stunned, but she ignores it because she already has a lot on her plate. She asks Carl if Owen has ever brought up being in Austin because the Austin link is bothering her. Carl claims that Owen and him had discussed attending a performance in Austin. Then Owen started acting strangely about it because he felt the need to disassociate himself from Austin in any way by convincing Carl that he had never been there. Before running back to his house, Carl can only recall that.

Hannah verifies the validity of the U.S. Marshall’s number, and she finds that it is. But as she approaches her house, she sees the previous bald-headed man prowling the area once more. It surprises Hannah, but she doesn’t do anything about it. Instead, she approaches Bailey and inquires as to whether or not she has any memories of meeting Owen in Austin. Bailey has a faint recollection of attending to a football game with Austin in Texas after Hannah explains why Austin is on her mind. It becomes clear that Owen does have a stronger connection to the location than he would like everyone to believe as she goes into detail about the stadium’s color and the purpose for their visit being relatives. Hannah phones Jake to find out more information about the football stadium in Austin as Bailey cuts Hannah off after delving so far into her recollections because it was difficult for her to do.

The only aspect that resembles Bailey’s description of it is the color scheme of white and orange. Hannah also notes that Grady’s phone number originates from the Austin U.S. Marshalls office. Then there’s Owen’s propensity to stay away from Austin. Hannah believes that in order to learn more about Owen’s past, she and Bailey must travel there. Jake definitely warns her against doing anything of the such because the FBI is looking into the situation and if Hannah and Bailey leave town, they’ll assume she’s somehow connected to Owen’s disappearance and The Shop’s fraud case. Grady gets the slip when Hannah doesn’t pay attention and goes with Bailey.

A U.S. Marshall has been keeping eyes on Owen since it is quite clear that he was involved in some sort of criminal activity in Austin. It’s safe to presume that Owen did more with recreational drugs than merely use them since he brought them up. And no, selling narcotics to strangers you see on the street or in back alleys won’t put you on the radar of the US Marshall Service. To make it happen, you have to commit a noblely criminal act, and there’s a high chance Owen has already done that. If so, it becomes obvious why he wants to stay away from Austin and refrain from ever mentioning it.

We’ve heard that Olivia, Owen’s ex-wife, passed away in a vehicle accident. If narcotics were involved, she might have been a victim of gang fighting, and Owen was just making up the story to shield Bailey and Hannah from that hard time in his life. The reality of life, though, is that until you sincerely atone for your actions, they will come back to haunt you and those you care about. Owen’s grudge probably wouldn’t have followed him to Sausalito if he had handled it in Austin. He is currently fleeing, which is upsetting to his wife and daughter. That being said, if Owen wanted to maintain a low profile following his time in Austin, why would he compromise his position at The Shop? Or was that a coincidence, life’s way of bringing the scales back into balance?

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