‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 5, Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Miriam and America’s Sweetheart, Gordon Ford, got into a fight in episode three. Gordon had repeatedly attempted to deflect the matter by claiming that he was only trying to appear human in front of the crowd when she had wanted him to accept his error. When the altercation erupted, the media learned about it and the next day reported on it. Susie hesitated to return to the office because she thought she would be fired, but she quickly told Miriam after reading the news. The Gordon Ford Show managed to secure the very top spot among the other programs and had earned the right to declare themselves the number one show of America, so the conversation with Gordon was postponed, and all was well on the western front. Later, the staff was invited to a party. While everybody enjoyed themselves by drinking and skating, Gordon made love to Miriam and flirted with her while refusing to fire her.

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Did Gordon Reject Miriam From Ever Appearing On His Show?

All of the staff members were fighting off a terrible hangover as they battled the aftereffects of celebrating the Gordon Ford Show’s victory over other TV programs and securing its position as the most-watched channel. While the staff lamented their binge-drinking the previous night, Gordon and Miriam appeared to be in a better mood. Gordon called Miriam over to talk about what had happened the night before, when he had tried to kiss her and make out with her. He tried asking her out again while he was sober after apologizing for his inappropriate behavior because he had been drinking. Once more, Miriam turned off his advances, but Susie’s call kept her alive. Later, Gordon’s comic has abandoned him at the studio, leaving him with an open spot.

Frustrated, Gordon was directing his staff to quickly find a replacement, but the majority of them were having no luck. Miriam asked Gordon if she may appear on his show because she believed she would take advantage of the chance. She was turned down by Gordon after he informed her of the policy George had established that no employee may ever come on the Gordon Ford Show. The opportunity to perform on Gordon’s show had Miriam eager, but she had also experienced rejection when working at another assignment. Mike most likely discovered a way to get Sophie to appear at the conclusion in order to preserve Gordon’s Show. By doing so, the opening was filled and the final time slot of the day was preserved.

What Favor Did Frank And Nicky Want From Susie?

Susie’s two friendly gangster buddies, Frank and Nicky, had asked her to rush over to their musical production stage as payment for their favor. Susie was persuaded to invite Miriam to take part in their musical play. During Susie’s initial talk with Gordon, when he had apologized for his manner, Miriam showed up as she had been summoned. She was required to serve as the musical’s narrator, and a green outfit and hat were given to her. She had to deliver the show in place of a much bigger guy who had to cancel.

Nicky and Frank believed that Miriam’s participation in this musical would equate to payback for the favors they had performed for Susie during the office search and the period when they were employed to physically abuse her. Miriam arrived and gave a good performance because she was upbeat; however, the other day, when Gordon flatly refused to consider letting her appear on his show, her disposition had soured. While she was performing during the gig, this was clear. Susie had been called earlier to let her know she could manage the gig for that day and appear on the show. But when she was turned down, it was apparent in her performance. Nicky and Frank appeared to be enraged by Susie’s performance and her antics on stage because they demanded that she make things right. When they observed Miriam acting out, they were utterly furious. Susie assured them that the favors they had requested from her had been paid for; nonetheless, the thugs broke their word and informed her that they now owned 30% of anything Miriam and Susie did. Joel noticed that they were having an argument and pursued Susie for an explanation after they departed. He was curious as to what shady activities she was engaged in and how deeply Miriam was entangled in this.

Did Abe And Rose Have A fight?

Rose pulled out the necklace she had received from her grandmother to put with her dress as Abe and she got ready to go to the theater. Even Miriam wished she had that stunning necklace. She and Abe arrived at the theater with the necklace in hand and met Abe’s boss, Gabe, and his pals. They had dinner together and talked about the program they had seen. Following the debate, Abe and Rose got into a fight. Abe said that the writer had created a story with a lot of depth, while Rose claimed that he had only written a play about a child and his dog. The two got into a heated argument where Abe suggested that Rose didn’t comprehend the message and Gabe kept urging him to leave so that things wouldn’t become worse. Rose stood up and requested the author, who then acknowledged that the play had been about his dog, to explain it. Rose was thus proven correct.

After being split up over what turned out to be a small argument, Rose and Abe talked in silence in the cab as they discussed where their conversations had gone wrong and how they had acted inappropriately in public. They saw Zelda and her boyfriend Janusz enjoying a candle-lit meal as they made their way home. While receiving congratulations from Rose and Abe, Zelda revealed that Janusz had proposed to her. Later, after a long day, they hurriedly went to their bedroom to rest. Abe brought Rose some roses from the living room and surrounded her with some of the petals as an apology since he could not bear for Rose to be furious at him while she was sleeping. He then proceeded to apologize by placing his head on her stomach, and Rose touched his head in response, showing that she had accepted his apologies.

Final Thoughts

Susie immediately started to run when she saw Hedy Ford at the elevators. The scene continued to show that Susie and Hedy had indeed been involved in their past. This clarified the deeper significance of Susie’s response to Gordon and Hedy’s photo in Episode 3 when she had sat at his table to feel a little more in control following her conversation with Mike and the rest of the staff was out having fun. Susie glanced at the image and immediately leaped out of her seat. On the desk, she had also placed the photo face down.

I initially assumed it was because Susie realized she was in Ford’s office and that it might be bad if someone found out; however, after watching this episode, I realized it was for a different reason. She remembered her past and the promises Hedy had made to her, and she had taken one look at Hedy and freaked out. Hedy chased Susie as she fled because she was desperate to talk to her. When she finally caught up to Susie, she told her that her name had actually been Susan rather than Susie. Susie was incredibly upset when they met because she was also reminded of how Hedy had vanished and then returned as Gordon Ford’s wife. This suggests that they may have once been romantically involved and that Hedy’s return as Gordon’s wife had disappointed her. As a result, this may be the first of many flashes into Susie’s history that will inform the audience about Susie Myerson’s enigmatic background.

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