‘The Power’ Ending, Explained: How Did Eve, Tatiana, Roxy And Margot Get Their Power?

Things start to change in a society where one gender has always dominated the other when women discover they have a secret power. Nobody is really sure when it began, only that it occurred, and that it provides women the ability to use electricity. Only women appear to possess the skein, an organ linked to the collarbone that is the source of this power. Let’s examine how this power is altering the world through the eyes of these women as Season 1 of The Power comes to a close.

Warning: Spoilers


Eve is demonized in many respects because she created the world. Humans gained intelligence from the apple, but they mocked her with it. It might be evidence that the apple was a dud after all. Eve, who was formerly known as Allison, spent her life moving around foster homes before she finally found a home with the Montgomerys. Her father, Clyde Montgomery, used to abuse her sexually, and the mother did nothing about it. Eve eventually rebelled and killed her foster father as a result of doing so when she felt the power within of her and the newly awakened voice in her head telling her to utilize it. She runs away from home and winds up at a convent with other girls who have done the same or need a place to stay. Sister Veronica is openly nasty toward Allison whereas Sister Maria is hospitable, making it plain that Allison is not welcome there. She has since changed her name to Eve because she wants to avoid being involved in the inquiry into her father’s death.

Eve particularly shines at the convent when she declares that all the girls must use power because it is God’s creation. In fact, Eve is one of the most skilled users, to the point that she is able to manipulate others by rerouting their bodily electrical impulses according to her whim. With a few notable exceptions, the convent girls eventually adopted her as their leader after learning the truth about her past through the news. Sister Veronica tries to phone the police right away to let them know where Eve is, but Eve stops her by trying to take control of her thoughts. Sadly, this leads to a disaster, and Veronica loses her mind and claims to have seen God. She passes away shortly after, and a cerebral hemorrhage is blamed for her passing. Eve escapes responsibility, and with the help of her supporters, she transfers control to the convent’s nuns, forging a strong family that is merely the beginning of things.


The feared London gangster Bernie Monke has an illegitimate daughter named Roxy. Her father would prefer that she remain on the sidelines despite the fact that she is ambitious and wants to work with him. Cristina is fatally shot by two gunmen after Roxy leaves her brother’s wedding reception early to return to her mother. Bernie takes in a distraught Roxy and murders one of the murderers to appease her. Roxy uses her power to kill the other when she and her brothers attempt to track down the other. However, when they shoot back, Terry, one of Roxy’s brothers, is killed. Barbara, his mother, accuses Roxy of being responsible but eventually learns to live with her. As Roxy’s strength much outweighs whatever strength her father can display, she proves to be an asset to her father’s business. But things soon take a turn for the worst when Roxy learns about Cristina’s boyfriend, Derrick, while the two are at her mother’s nail salon.

The surprise is that Roxy was completely unaware of this. The following day, her brother reveals to her that their father had forced Roxy to attend his wedding despite his objections. He wanted her to be separated from her mother, which is why. When Roxy meets Derrick, she discovers that he is a policeman. Even he admits that Bernie killed Cristina to prevent any issues with his secrets being revealed. He agrees to everything when Roxy confronts her father about it. Before Roxy leaves the house, she gives Barbara the key and takes her necklace. Roxy meets Eve, and it’s possible that these two strong women will collaborate in the future.

Tunde, Tatiana, and Zoia

A journalist is what Tunde has always aspired to be. He accidently touches Ndudi as he follows one of his friends’ ideas about ladies practicing witchcraft and ends up filming them with the power. When Tunde posts this video, CNN hires him, but Ndudi advises him to try and start something on his own. Due to his close monitoring of the developments in Saudi Arabia as empowered women rebelled against injustice, Tunde quickly rose to fame.

Tatiana and Zoia, who were sisters, were on the path to becoming Olympians when Victor Moskalev, who would later become their nation’s president, noticed them. Tatiana is forced to give up on her goals as they are quickly wedded without her choice. As for Zoia, she is being trafficked and is frantically looking for a way out. Both sisters receive the power as it spreads around the globe. Zoia uses it to organize a female army in the north, but Tatiana is still prevented from using it by the tracker her husband put on her in order to control women’s access to this power. When Tunde needs to meet the sisters to write their stories, their paths intersect. When he first meets Zoia, she requests his help in getting a message to her sister. He meets Tatiana with another investigative journalist, Declan Blease, but is detained when police discover that he had praised the rebels, also known as Zoia’s army. Tatiana is aware that Zoia has a message for her at this point. She murders her husband that evening, and the following morning, she releases Tunde. Tatiana sent troops to destroy Zoia’s army, but Zoia has been playing a double game. As soon as Zoia notices the advancing armies, she and her army slaughter them. Tunde sees this happen and manages to save General Miron, but the events and the senseless bloodshed have shattered him. How his tale develops in the upcoming season will be revealed.


The most tragic of all the ladies in The Power, Margot is in many ways. The others have already given up on getting assistance from others, but Margot’s family—whom she views as her greatest asset—is opposed to her. She first has a fairly typical life and has to deal with Daniel, the Senator,’s sexism at work. She has a supportive spouse and children who despise her since her job interferes with their life. Margot is the only one who discusses the biology of it when the power begins to spread among the women, revealing that it must have been an evolutionary process that originated from a new portion of women’s bodies, the skein. As a result, she becomes the face of the movement and ultimately chooses to run for the Senate, which had been her goal all along but she had given up on because of the significant obstacles that lay in her way. But now that it appeared to be a possibility, she wanted to pursue it, but her husband objected. Her son, who is The Power’s equivalent of Andrew Tate, was a devout supporter of Urbandox.

The authority is granted by Jocelyn, Margot’s daughter, but they decide to keep it a secret until the elections. But when Margot defends Matt from an irate Jocelyn at a family picnic, the secret is made public. A can of worms was opened when Matt shared a video of Ryan, Jocelyn’s intersex lover, using the power. Rob makes it plain that he wants a divorce after learning that his wife has the power. But when Daniel brings up that Margot’s campaign managers transferred Ryan to a camp where he was being drugged against his will during a live debate, things really start to fall apart. Margot then uses her power against him. Because Margot is unaware of this, she begins to lose control of her environment and uses her might to assault the man. Now that Margot also possesses EOD, everyone is aware of it.

Concluding Thoughts

By flipping the roles, this series aimed to make a statement about the nature of the power disparity in this society. However, the series fell short of making the point in that same way. The Power’s first season left us quite unsatisfied, and we’re hoping that season two will make up for where the first one left off.

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