‘The Tailor’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect From Peyami, Dimitri And Esvet?

The Tailor’s first season puts us on a cliffhanger where many questions remain unanswered. After successfully locating his fiancée, Dimitri discovered that Esvet had unintentionally killed Peyami, which presented him with an even bigger challenge. Dimitri could undergo a positive or negative transformation as a result of the tragedy, depending on whether he decides to continue acting as an oppressor and creating havoc on other people’s lives. We never learned the precise reason why Peyami’s mother left the family in the first place, but she was still out there. Let’s find out what to anticipate from The Tailor Season 2 (if there is one) and where the characters’ lives will go from here.

Warning: Spoilers

Is Peyami Actually Dead Or Alive?

In his absence, Dimitri instructed his grandma Sulun to tell Peyami that he would be waiting for him in his horse ranch the next morning. Dimitri had come to Peyami’s house to face him. Peyami understood that his secret had been uncovered when he returned home with his father, Mustafa, and Esvet. Dimitri was also aware that he had been keeping Esvet hidden in his house. Sulun simply stated that her family wouldn’t be held responsible for Esvet and that she should go face Dimitri and explain why she had first fled. Esvet was willing to give up her freedom in order to ensure that Peyami’s relationship with Dimitri wouldn’t suffer as a result of her. But by this point, Esvet and Peyami were deeply in love, and he didn’t want Esvet to risk offending Dmitri on her own.

Peyami thought that the best course of action would be to personally meet with Dimitri and attempt to persuade him to permit Esvet to depart because he knew what he was capable of. When Sulun gave her grandson a rifle, she warned him not to believe his delusions that he could persuade Dimitri to see the truth. Sulun believed that the only way to free themselves of the maniac was to murder him. Peyami opposed this strategy and preferred a peaceful conclusion. We learned that Peyami was truly being idealistic in The Tailor Episode 7, and Sulun was correct to speculate about what she did. Dimitri threatened Peyami with his revolver, demanding that he reveal the location of where he had concealed Esvet. Dmitri wanted to know if Peyami and Esvet had grown romantically attached to one another since he had the reasonable suspicion that they were having an affair behind his back. Esvet came to the scene as well, brandishing Peyami’s rifle and aiming it at Dimitri, her fiancé. Esvet shot Dimitri, but Peyami blocked the shot, leaving a hole in his torso.

The Tailor never reveals whether he actually passed away or not, which leaves room for the potential that he was miraculously saved and would return in season 2 (even though it would be absurd). Things would become rather problematic if Peyami were still alive since he would need to determine what to do if Dimitri decided to force Esvet into marriage and what to do if he found out she was already married to his father. The obvious conclusion from Dimitri and Esvet’s expressions and the isolated area they were in would be that Peyami passed away there and left Esvet to fend for herself, but you never know what the producers will decide, and they might want to spice things up in the upcoming season by bringing the deceased fashion designer back.

Why Did Peyami Betray Dimitri s Trust?

Peyami had never left Dimitri’s side or considered doing anything behind his back, despite how unstable, wild, and barbaric he may have been in the past. Since Peyami has never been in a romantic relationship with a girl, it shocked Dimitri even more when Esvet, his fiancée, was the first girl he saw. Even if it meant siding with a despot who was torturing his own fianc and causing her lifelong grief, we think Peyami would never have approached her and even told Dimitri about her if he had realized that Firuze was actually Esvet. The problem was that Peyami had already started to feel something for Firuze before he learned about her reality. He was drawn to her sincere demeanor and her ability to understand situations even when the other party did not express it directly.

Esvet had experienced a lot in her life, which may have contributed to the fact that she was very attentive and sympathetic to the problems that other people encountered. Peyami was aware of Dimitri’s potential, but he had never considered it. He felt sympathy for Esvet when he witnessed her suffering and saw how terrible it was for him to support the oppressor. He wanted to find a middle ground where everyone could do what they wanted without harming one other since he loved his closest buddy, who had always been there for him since he was a child. From Peyami’s point of view, it becomes clear that he never felt as though he was betraying his own buddy because Dimitri never truly loved Esvet. Esvet was his fixation, and his pride was wounded by the way she left him. Esvet was never coming back because Dimitri loved her, but he wanted to prove to her that nothing could stop him.

How Is Esvet s Marriage To Mustafa Going To Make Things Complicated?

Esvet owned a portion of his parents’ land, Dimitri discovered after covertly eavesdropping to his parents’ talk in their chamber. Dimitri becomes even more eager to find his fiance and disappoint his father’s expectations as The Tailor Season 1 comes to a close because he is aware of this truth. Ari appointed Faruk to lead the purchasing division with the sole intention of gaining information about Esvet’s location from him by performing him favors and making him feel obligated. When Dimitri first met Peyami and Esvet at the ranch, he was unaware that Esvet was already married to Mustafa and that Peyami had been chosen as the beneficiary in the event that something were to happen to Esvet and Mustafa. Only Sulun was aware about Mustafa and Esvet’s marriage, and given how cunning a woman she is, she would like to take advantage of the circumstance and prevent Dimitri from taking the property so easily. Additionally, if Peyami is able to recover from his injuries, the problem with Esvet and Dimitri’s marriage will worsen.

Why Did Peyami s Mother Run Away? Will They Unite In Season 2?

Years ago, Peyami’s mother left him and his family. As Peyami’s father lacked the mental capacity to assume parental responsibility, he was raised by his grandparents. He discovered a note that belonged to his mother, Kiraz Dokumaci, after the passing of his grandfather. Since that time, he has been meeting a man by the name of Osman because he thinks he may know something about his mother and can help him find her. Osman genuinely knew his mother and frequently saw her, therefore Peyami was correct in her assessment. Peyami was under the impression that he had managed to keep his purpose and identity a secret, but Osman knew why he had started meeting him and playing with his band.

Kiraz still cared deeply for her son, and one day she asked Osman to allow her to watch him perform with the band from a distance without letting him know she was there. Osman had forewarned Kiraz that she would grow restless after seeing her son in front of her, but she disregarded his advice at the moment, which led to the unavoidable outcome. The Tailor Season 1 never explains why Kiraz initially split up with Peyami and Mustafa. She might have been coerced into marrying Mustafa, much like Esvet, and begun to feel shackled by the arrangement. Kiraz would have understood that she wouldn’t be able to hide for very long if she brought Peyami along with her, and Peyami’s grandfather would eventually find her. She was aware that Peyami was the imperial heir, and that his grandpa would never have permitted anyone to kidnap him.

In The Tailor Season 2, Kiraz may give in to her feelings and decide to meet with her son to give him her side of the story and the reasons she left him when she did.

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