‘Waco: The Aftermath’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Did Cogdell Want To Question Noesner?

In the recap of the previous episode of Waco: The Aftermath, we talked about how Koresh told Fagan Livingstone that he thought he was the Messiah for the first time. David was becoming more and more outspoken about the fact that God spoke to him and that everything he did—from picking up a 14-year-old girl as his wife to belittling Lois Roden in front of everyone—was done at His command. People found it a little hard to believe that he was only marrying a minor because it was God’s will, but they were probably too afraid to speak out against him for fear of being accused of blasphemy.

Warning: Spoilers

In Waco: The Aftermath, Episode 4, George excavated his mother Lois Roden’s grave and pleaded for Koresh to raise her from the dead in order to demonstrate his prophetic credentials. The body abuse was reported to the local police by Koresh, who then went to them. The police searched the area, but they were unable to uncover any evidence that would have indicated that a corpse had been uncovered. The policeman advised Koresh that if he wanted them to take action against George, he would need to gather some proof so that they could launch an investigation. Aware that they would need to purchase some firearms if they intended to deal with people like George, David and his men realized they had not previously kept any weapons or ammunition of any kind on hand. In order to capture images of the corpse and show them to the authorities, Koresh and Paul Fatta made the decision to organize a small crew and penetrate George’s enclosure. Geroge arrived on the scene and began firing at Koresh and his crew just as they were about to flee after taking the images. When the authorities caught Koresh and Paul Fatta and took them into custody on attempted murder charges, they were able to flee the property and spare their lives. After they had been freed, Koresh’s mother arrived to fetch him up.

Why Did Cogdell Want To Question Noesner?

When Carol told Noesner that she had entered the Elohim City compound successfully and was secure, he felt relieved. Carol noticed how much animosity the tribe elders had for the US government when she attended their hate speeches. She was attempting to spy about in order to gather proof that they desired to start a holy war. Carol had put herself in danger for Noesner, and he was aware that he would not be able to forgive himself if she perished. His face was showing signs of unease when Alan Sanbron called and urged him to come down right away to testify in court on the prisoners’ behalf. Noesner didn’t comprehend why the defendants were digging their own graves by asking him to testify while he was a member of the FBI.

Even the other Branch Davidians represented by Dan Cogdell couldn’t comprehend why Dan would do such a thing. Dan, however, informed them that following the blow from Kathy Schroder’s testimony, they required an FBI representative to inform them that the government was at fault and the ATF had carried out an unlawful raid. Dan realized that since he was a member of the organization himself, no one could refute the fact that his testimony was false. He therefore wanted his witness to have some credibility. Dan was willing to take risks while being aware of the high likelihood that his strategy would fail. Dan understood that he would need to perform a miracle in order to remove the knowledge.

Why Was Dan Cogdell Against The Defendants Testifying?

Every day, Dan Cogdell fought to maintain some hope and establish the innocence of his clients in court. Gordon Novel had informed Dan that the mansion’s front doors were missing and that proper autopsies were never performed. This is the reason he questioned each witness who appeared from the prosecution’s side about the location of the door. However, the prosecution then displayed a portion of the door to the jury, demonstrating that there were no external bullet holes, demonstrating that ATF had struck first. The door was real and had been taken from the crime site, according to a witness whom Bill Johnston, the prosecution, also called to the stand. According to Ranger Boak, the doors’ aluminum construction caused one-half of them to melt in the fire; if they had been made of steel or iron, this wouldn’t have happened. Ranger Boak spoke passionately, and for a split second, even Dan believed what he was saying. Dan Cogdell realized that Ranger Boak might have been lying the entire time or that he might have simply been repeating what he had been told. When Dan Cogdell asked for a fridge magnet, he used it to attach it to the door to show that it was made of steel and iron.

Dan was working extremely hard to keep his ship afloat despite the fact that even his own clientele disliked his style and had disagreements with him. All of Ruth Riddle, Clive Doyle, Fagan, and Paul Fatta believed their representations were inaccurate. Dan was attempting to separate them from their leaders, but they were willing to admit that they supported the mission of Mount Carmel. They desired to convey to the jury that they were decent people who had no malice against anyone. They all said to Dan that they wouldn’t collaborate unless they were given the opportunity to speak for themselves. After fighting for these unappreciative clients who didn’t comprehend that what he was doing was for their own advantage, Dan Cogdell really lost his cool. Dan felt upset because he was exerting unneeded effort to save his boat when there were 10 things he could be doing at that moment to advance the cause. Dan was doing his best to keep his boat from sinking, but no one trusted him. Dan interrogated them as a prosecutor would and made them realize what fools they were to believe that self-representation would work in their favor.

Even if the FBI and ATF may have made a mistake in carrying out that raid, Dan made it very obvious to the clients near the end of Waco: The Aftermath, Episode 4, that even they were aware that a crime was being committed and still opted to assist Koresh. Dan Cogdell was adamant that they would be unable to establish their innocence unless and until they followed the path he was advising them to take. We’ll find out in the future episode whether Dan Cogdell manages to keep the hope alive or succumbs to the prosecution.

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