William & Anna In Netflix’s ‘Obsession,’ Explained: How Did Their Relationship Effect Ingrid & Jay?

The characters in Obsession seem to have many complex levels and have the potential to be the most fascinating aspect of the miniseries based on the idea it establishes for itself or simply the way it opens. The earlier premise, however, is disproved as the show moves forward with its hot story because most characters wind up being one-dimensional. What’s worse is that there doesn’t seem to be a compelling rationale or motivation for their acts, which makes Obsession even more forgettable by the time it’s through.

When William is first revealed, his persona is that of a renowned surgeon with high class and a good reputation. Then, obsession slowly erodes this character, making him appear immoral and consumed by bodily wants. Because both William and Anna flirt with each other in a fairly overt manner, their first encounter is a little odd. With regard to how quickly they try to establish a connection, it nearly seems as though the two people have a past. However, they have never met before, and the fact that William is contentedly wed to his wife just adds to the strangeness. As was established in the opening few minutes, the surgeon and Ingrid are still in a love relationship, with their physical chemistry still there. Why William would become attracted to Anna and then approach her to identify himself and start a conversation is not explained. William doesn’t appear to have a history of infidelity; he has never gone out of his way to engage in an affair, which is a scandalous activity. Later on, the guy himself acknowledges this, claiming that he had always pursued the correct goals—such as pursuing a profession in medicine and being married to Ingrid—and had had his father’s support throughout.

Even more puzzling, William identifies Anna as his son’s partner after she introduces herself and proceeds to feed her an olive in a romantic manner. Even when they become personal, the relationship between he and Jay is still very professional and superficial. Additionally, the fact that he is having a committed relationship with Jay’s fiancee practically gives the impression that William is Jay’s stepfather, with whom he has a tense relationship. This is not the case, either, and after Jay’s passing, the father sits at the bottom of the stairs, exposed and clinging to Jay’s lifeless corpse, feeling a sudden rush of shame. This sudden expression of worry for his son seemed fairly rehearsed and clever because it had been glaringly absent during the rest of the series.

The first few minutes of the film demonstrate how William and Ingrid have a mutual regard, love, and affection for one another. This marriage suffers as the man begins an affair with his future daughter-in-law, despite the fact that he has never been looking for love. William no longer communicates with his wife in any way, and the most of the time he is with her, he appears lost. Due to Indira Varma’s outstanding performance, Ingrid is arguably the only dependable and convincing character, and she immediately suspects that something is wrong with him. She tries to talk to William, even asking him subtly whether he has ever had any affairs, as any responsible person would, but William keeps his mouth shut. When Ingrid receives the ultimate news, it is too late for the relationship to continue, especially since her son Jay has since passed away. The wife responds appropriately, requesting a quick separation and divorce and deciding to avoid William at all costs.

Because William lacks a compelling justification for his behavior, the only explanation that comes to mind—and is undoubtedly the one that Obsession suggests—is that he is consumed by bodily desire. As soon as his sexual liaison with Anna starts, the male gradually wants to rule and seduce the lady in their regular interactions as well. The dad expresses openly his desire to spend more time with Anna than Jay does as he grows resentful of his own kid. Or when he inquires about Anna’s habit of documenting her private interactions with Jay. The woman’s web of attraction is so strong that William loses control, loses sight of his own family, and risks his reputation and his son’s safety in order to win her.

In the instance of Anna, there is still a single motivating factor connecting a few of her current behaviors to her earlier experiences. The woman seems to have acquired a peculiar dependence on any person who would remind her of her own brother, Aston, who had physically abused her. While Aston had supposedly committed himself, it is obvious that as an adult, Anna had been looking out men who resembled her brother in order to fall in love with them, ruin them, and potentially even kill them. Because of her tragic past, it is so very evident that she meets Jay and eventually decides to start a life with him. But why Jay agreed to be with Anna and even wanted to marry her is still a mystery. It’s not like the two characters have much chemistry together on film, and what little Obsession does choose to highlight about their relationship is largely superficial. Everything is only informational, proving solely that the two are a happy pair. Jay’s confusion with Anna’s personality and how little she divulges to him is also quite puzzling given that he chooses to wed her and live a lifetime with her. Although she is more reserved and in charge with his father, Anna can be seen to have the same impact on Jay as she does on him.

Other than attributing it to Anna’s apparent nymphomaniac inclinations, the reason why she becomes connected with William is still unknown. Alternatively, it’s possible that Jay is looking for someone else because she is unable to satisfy her urge to be controlled, and William is happy to meet that need. During sexual actions, Anna completely surrenders to William; but, at all other times, she maintains control over him and their relationship. She is the one who chooses the time and place of their interactions, but even she can’t always be in complete control, unlike Anna. The woman can’t help herself from being tactile with William whenever he sees her or makes a chance without Anna setting it up. Even though it may not be as noticeable as it is on William, Anna is also affected by the unquenchable yearning.

However, the way the story ends separates the two characters in this regard, with Anna appearing to choose to restrain her feelings while William continues to yearn for her company. By this point, William is without a kid and is also living without the support of his wife and father-in-law, yet all he can think about is Anna and the intimacy he may have thought would last the rest of his life. Even though she appears to be an expert in these situations, the lady eventually draws the line, raising the possibility that she has previously been responsible for the deaths of other men. Obsession ultimately aims to portray the relationship between its two main characters as one in which they completely submit to and dominate one another, with little care or consideration for their individual lives and families, and one that is, most crucially, not under their own control. Obsession fails miserably in terms of characters, despite having an intriguing subject on which to base an enjoyable television program. The majority of the characters, particularly Anna and William, lack depth or perspective, which eliminates any potential seriousness or spark from the work.

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