‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Does Lottie’s Vision Signify?

Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 6 concluded with the terrible death of Shauna’s infant. Shauna found it difficult to deal with the loss because she was a teenager stranded in the wilderness. She was upset with her circumstances, the people she shared a home with, and her surroundings. Shauna has always had a bit of an edge, but the tragedy made it clearer why she felt cut off from everyone and everything. She made the decision to always keep her distance, even from her family, as a result of losing her first child. When Shauna and the others visit Lottie’s community in Yellowjackets episode 7, Natalie insisted they give Lottie a chance. With greater clarity than ever before, Natalie was convinced that Lottie’s therapies could help the rest of the group as well. Van wasn’t really interested in joining the organization, but when Tai said she was a part of it, Van decided to give it a shot. Van reveals later in the show that she has cancer, which explains why she opted to assist Tai despite though they had made the decision not to keep in touch.

Warning: Spoilers

What Does Coach Ben Scott s Vision Indicate?

Ben had witnessed too much senseless brutality in the forest as the lone adult who had survived. Aside from being incredibly lonely, he also believed what had begun as a dream about an alternative existence to be true. Being physically frail further affected his intellect, and his moral conscience prohibited him from eating human flesh. He tried to find solace by imagining what may occur if he had chosen to stay behind with his boyfriend, Paul. He regretted deciding to be a straight coach instead of pursuing love. As his vision began to interfere with reality, he began to have the impression that Paul was in the cabin. The caller informed Paul that Ben wasn’t prepared. He stated that the wilderness was not intended to be his hiding place when Ben pressed him further about the significance of his message. Ben had not emerged, and every day he was defying his reality by remaining in the forest. Paul continues by stating that Ben needed to leave the woods since he was no longer wanted there.

According to the vision Ben saw, Paul was the desert speaking to him. Ben was unprepared for the extremes that the environment intended its tourists to experience because he was frail. There were antlers in the distance when Ben exited the cabin to pursue Paul, and for a split second it appeared as though they had sprouted from his head. Visually, it was obvious that the wildness now had authority over Ben. Ben made the decision to end his life because he believed it was the right thing to do in the circumstances. Though he had lost everything, he was still unwilling to forfeit what little remaining dignity he had. When he attempted to jump from the cliff, Misty discovered him. Misty was not prepared to carry out his request to push him to his death. Misty had lost Crystal there and felt guilty for Shauna’s baby’s death; she was not prepared to assume responsibility for another death. After she sobbed and pleaded with him to stop, Ben finally understood that Misty was not being treated fairly. He might try to kill himself again, but he most definitely won’t do it with Misty nearby.

How Did The Therapy Help Misty?

Misty was always regarded as the group’s oddest member. Everyone displayed their animalistic sides, but Misty always came under fire. She received praise for helping Shauna during the delivery of her child, but she received criticism for not doing more to find her friend Crystal. Misty tried to cover up her frightening side with her lovely conduct, but it was insufficient to conceal who she really was. Misty was a sensitive person, yet she was also capable of killing someone in the cold if it meant her survival.

Misty took charge of the hunt for Crystal and made the decision to hide her body from her team members who had already prepared to devour her if she was discovered dead. But oddly enough, she was unable to locate Crystal’s body at the scene of her death. There was no sign of Crystal when she scoured the snowdrift for her. The quick removal of the body could indicate that either a wild animal had removed it or that a member of the team had discovered her first. Crystal might have been kidnapped by the desert itself, which would have accepted the body as a sacrifice.

All Misty could think of while receiving the therapy Lottie provided was her pet parrot, Caligula, and Walter Tattersall. Misty questioned her abilities, believing that many around her viewed her as an emotionless killer or a lonely woman looking for love. Caligula responded to her query. He challenged Misty to examine her inner self in order to recognize how she affected those around her. People relied on Misty’s intelligence, so she needed to start placing a value on herself. After the session, she immediately thought to call Walter. When she understood how much he really cared for her, she chose to attempt to believe him rather than continue to question him. Even though Walter didn’t pick up the phone, Misty left a message saying that she agreed with his hypothesis and was prepared to go into the unknown with him. She first had no confidence in him, but therapy helped her understand how crucial it was for her to give people a chance rather than turning them away.

Why Did Shauna Punch Lottie? What Does Lottie s Vision Signify?

Shauna found it difficult to deal with the death of her child. She held her teammates accountable for her son’s passing. Tai made an effort to support Shauna, but all she really wanted was to get back together with Jackie. She buried her infant’s body with pebbles and hid it in the snow. Her kid was the one person she could completely rely on and love when Jackie passed away, but that happiness was robbed from her. She was unable to forget the dream she had in which she saw her colleagues devouring her kid, and when she had the chance, she accused Misty of murdering her child. Shauna had turned aggressive and was motivated to harm Misty. Everyone tried to calm Shauna down, but she was still not prepared to accept that she had lost her baby in childbirth. She had no doubt that the group had ingested him. Standing in front of Shauna, Lottie commanded her to vent all of her resentment and frustration on her. While Shauna appeared to feel better after knocking Lottie out cold, the incident also allowed her to express a side of herself that she was previously unaware of.

After surviving the blows, Lottie managed to draw the same throng back to her facility 25 years later. She talked about how the other members of the group had joined, further demonstrating how the wilderness was drawing them together, with her therapist. She was certain that it desired their union for a fundamental and primitive reason. She was able to relive the intense emotions she had formerly felt, and she was pleased with herself for being able to do so. She was advised by the therapist not to suppress her feelings by imagining the worst-case scenario. She said that maybe it was their historical relationship that touched a basic nerve in her. Lottie was taken aback to hear the therapist advise her to get in touch with her wild side, saying that this was when she was her most genuine and true self. Lottie was concerned that it would be the same this time because the previous time she let out her full self, it resulted in significant damage and even fatalities. She was forced to take the chance by her therapist. After investigating her therapist further, Lottie discovered that she had been communicating with the antler queen the entire time. It is clear that the antler queen is bloodthirsty, and the Yellowjackets will have to use violence to satisfy her. Lottie was no longer the innocent teenager she once was; she understood the threat and pleaded with them to leave right now. After years of being apart, the group was reuniting, and they were not yet prepared to separate ways. Since they didn’t often share such joyful experiences together, Lottie made the decision to join them.

Shauna received a call from Jeff informing her that Adam Martin’s remains had been discovered in Hucklebarney State Park when the girls were relaxing. The case does not seem good for the girls after Misty admitted to her crime, the authorities gained access to Adam’s remains, and Shauna was open about having an affair with him. Tai might use some sway, but it might not be sufficient. If somebody threatens Shauna and her family, she might rekindle her feral side and take them out. We are all prepared for the reunion to be a bloody mess.

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